Thursday, July 9, 2009

Euro-American Burger King Denigrates Hindu Goddess Lakshmi

A whopper of a controversy is surrounding fast food giant Burger King. Its new ad campaign is seen as beyond tasteless to Hindus around the world. Hindu American Foundation (HAF) is spearheading the protest against Burger King's insensitive and tasteless advertisement to misuse, denigrate and slander the religion of over 800 Million Hindus around the world in order to make money.

I encourage every Hindu out there to join hands in this peaceful protest and lodge your complaint to bring these pompous corporates, who think they can do anything distasteful and offensive like this and get away with it, to justice. Following is a sample letter by HAF that you can send to Burger King, Firsts, send a letter of protest to Burger King headquarters in the U.S.. Second, send the same letter by email to headquarters in Spain. We have provided a sample letter below which you may use verbatim or feel free to draft your own, but in our experience here at HAF, we have found that anger is never as effective as persistence and professionalism, so please do keep that in mind if you choose to send an original letter.

Dear Mr. Chidsey and Mr. Klein,

I am requesting the immediate removal of a Spanish ad campaign by Burger King that is highly disrespectful and offensive to Hindus worldwide followed by a public apology by Burger King. The ad displays an image of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi (the Goddess of Wealth) with a meat sandwich and other food items and text which translates to, "A snack that's sacred." An advertisement using sacred symbols, especially those of another culture, for purely commercial purposes is offensive in and of itself, but compounding this insult is the use of an image of a Hindu goddess for the sale of a meat product.

As an international company conducting business primarily from the U.S., one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse nations, we would hope the corporate leadership of Burger King more proactively exercise multicultural respect in its advertisement campaigns, both domestically and abroad.

We support the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) and ask that you abide by the Foundation's requests in its original letter dated June 30th.


The note should be sent by U.S. Mail to U.S. Corporate Headquarters at the address below:

Mr. John W. Chidsey, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Russ Klein, President of Global Marketing, Strategy and Innovation
Burger King Corporation
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
Miami, Florida 33126

In addition, you may call the Corporate Headquarters at +1 305 378 3000.

Please also email the letter to Burger King's Spain Headquarters:

And now for the third thing you can do. Spread the word about this protest and ask others to send in the above letter! Thanks and may our collective effort be fruitful.

Thanks to HAF &


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