Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 26 : Kargil - Vijay Diwas

July 26 : Kargil - Vijay Diwas

Veer Jawanon ki Jay Ho
Hindustanki sada Vijay Ho

Let the Hindustan be blessed with Victory for ever . Victory to Indian Military , and I congratulate all my fellow citizens and the Free World on auspicious day of Kargil Vijay Diwas. This was the day whem my brave Armed men won a War over infilitrators at Kargil . Million thanks to Israel and my Jewish Bandhu's for their technical support to Indian Military during the Kargil war, which has saved many lives of Indian Army at Kargil . This kind gesture of our Jewish Bhandus will be for sure reciprocated by Indians . Israel we Owe you One .

This day I remember the sacrifices made by Indian Jawans who laid down their Lives for the freedom of BharathMata . My homages to such Shaeed's who gave their today for our Tomorrow.

My brave Shaheed Jawans I bow to you for the courage you have shown at the battelfield , your sacrifice will always find its place in history and people will sing your song of Heroism.

Oh my Shaheed Jawans you were as brave as Abhimanyu . You have walked into Padmavyuham like Abhimanyu and fought like Him. For this Bravery We salute you and Bow to you . I Pray to Bharath Mata to bestow her blessings on you and may you all be born again on this Holy Land yet again .

Its the time to teach Porkistan(pakistan) a lesson for their misadventures . Beware Porkistani, you understand squarely that we loved our Jawans the minute they were born till you have killed them . We will avenge their deaths , Bharat Mata willing we will hoist Tri-Color Flag in Islamabad and all over Pakistan . And Pakistan will be erased from the Map forever .

The Pakistani Army puts up a white flag and accepts the slain bodies of its officers in this damning video. Pakistan lost more than 4000-6000 soldiers in the Kargil war, while India lost 500 soldiers. Pakistan generally disowned the bodies of most of its soldiers but accepted a few senior officers.

According to the information fed to every Pakistani, the Kargil war was fought by mujahideen and not by Pakistani Army regulars. This video shows the Pakistan Army very clearly involved at Kargil. They did'nt count on ace videojourno Kunal Verma, filming the whole event. Nor did they count on being outclassed in combat, yet again, by an Indian


greedy indian politicians said...

i salute the army !adn jawans.
they are real heros.

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