Friday, July 17, 2009

Following Islam its follower's rape their daughter's .

Following Muha'MAD' footsteps , his followers prey on children .


Incestous Man molest daugter and killed by his Son .
From Indian Express July 16,2009
Nellore( Ap) : A man was done to death by his son after he allegedly molested his daughter in Sundaraiah Nagar here on Tuesday night. SK Abdullah (57), a cook in a hotel, reportedly sexually assaulted his married daughter in an inebriated condition when they were alone at home. The victim complained about the atrocity to her brother , Imran, leading to a fight between the father-son duo during which Abdulla died .

Cop tries to rape step-daughter.
From Indian Express July 16,2009

Hyderabad : A constable attached to the Central Crime Station(CCS) of the city police was booked for trying to rape his step-daughter. According to police, the accused, Wahed Ali (51) went to the house of his second wife Sameena at Borbanda a few days ago and tried to sexually assault her 35-year-old daughter , born of her first marriage. " He (Wahed Ali) tried to sexually assault me," the victim told the police .


This is Islam ,
Prophet Muhammad at the age of 60 (approx) married a 9 year old girl called Aisha
( wot a pervert , pedophile maniac)

Tabari IX:128 "When the Prophet married Aisha, she was very young and not yet ready for consummation."

Tabari IX:131 (Narrated Aisha) "My mother came to me while I was being SWUNG ON A SWING between two branches and got me down. My nurse took over and wiped my face with some water and started LEADING ME. When I was at the door she stopped so I could catch my breath. I was brought in while Muhammad was SITTING on a BED in our house. My mother MADE ME sit on HIS LAP. The other men and women got up and left. The Prophet CONSUMMATED his marriage with me in my house when I was nine years old."


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It's atlest better than burning widows alive. You ass holes have no work. Do some thing that is good for country

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