Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh ! Duratma Gandhi ,We Curse You !!!

Gandhi Jayanthi : Oct 2

Oh Duratma Gandhi , We Curse You !!!


Oh Duratma Gandhi !
You are still a Hot Topic
For a debate
People take sides debating over you
On blogs’s, forum’s and group’s .
These days your charm is on RSS too
They lost their senses & started owning you
In the name of soft Hindutva RSS now
Became a symbol of treachery , by praising you .
Suddenly RSS found Villainous act
In Godse’s tribute of eliminating you
Cowardly they condones His patriotic act
to wash away the stigma of killing you.

You were so cunning and clever politician
That you saw the future Indian Rupee with your photo
And you spent your mind in making it happen
You, time and again changed your actions
Only to establish Yourself as the sole leader of India
For this autocratic Hitlerism We curse you !

Hey Duratma , unlike cowardly RSS
Hindu youth are still against you
We never forget that ,You were that Villain
Because of whom my motherland got vivisected
You have pampered the Muslim thugs
And sow the seeds of partition
For this Oh Duratma Gandhi We curse You !


Nathuram Godse , The Avenger .


Common Hindu said...

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Incognito said...

Bold post.

But Nathuram actually wasted his life. And in effect helped Gandhi realise his dream of becoming a sort of saint.

One can put it down to the confusing times which those were.

The culmmination of a thousand years of assault by the cults of islam and christianity that had its effect in confusing many many indians.

No Godse is not 'The Avenger'.
And Gandhi is not dead.

Gandhi lives.
He was useful for the greedy unscrupulous britishers then. He is useful for the greedy politicians and the unscrupulous secularists now.

jabbar said...

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