Friday, October 16, 2009

This Diwali say "No" to crackers , Save Environment

Say 'NO' to Crackers this Diwali
Save Environment !!!

Those who burst firecrackers are Anti-Social, Anti-national and Anti-religion!

1. Physical: Burns, deafness. Many people die in explosions in factories manufacturing fire-crackers. Sometimes, rocket-crackers set fire to huts, heap of dry grass etc.

2. Economic: Terrorists in Pakistan collect funds from people in the name of ‘Jihad’ (Religious War), saying they will purchase bullets to kill ‘Kafirs’ (non-believers). The cost of each bullet is Rs.10/-. With the situation so grim and also because the nation is on the brink of insolvency, it is a sin to burn crores of Rupees on bursting fire-crackers every year.

3. Spiritual: Devotional songs (Aarti) or sattvic sounds attract Divine energies and deities. But noise from crackers, full of ‘tama’ component, attract distressing energies. This is what we are witnessing today in the country. The Tama-charged environment affects the human mind adversely and man becomes Tama-oriented. Hence we must impress the ill-effects of crackers upon the young minds and stop them from bursting crackers.

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Anonymous said...


Can you please, run the following story about Maino clan on the front of your blog for a while.

The following link is from the website of Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s Janta party, where he has detailed about the fraud this Maino clan has been doing to Bharatvarha and is hiding behind the veil of Dr. Manmohan Singh and Gandhi surname.

Further the reader of the blog can find videos on you tube where Dr. S. Swamy has said part of it in New york.

Email and forward this news and web link to everyone you know if you really care about Bharat. Rather than forwarding crap on email forward this.