Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Andhra Cops terror on Telangana students for 2nd day

Cops do a horror film act in OU

A hero, making good his escape from police, getting stuck with a leg locked in the rails is a common scene in many movies. A real –life incident of a similar nature happened on the Osmania University campus on Sunday with the only difference that a film hero usually succeeds in freeing himself from the trap while the hapless protagonist it this act became meat for marauding cops who made mince of it.

Jangan Kumar , an MA student ,while running for cover into the Arts college could not make it fully before the watchman shut the main door to prevent cops from entering it. The cops then held on to the exposed portion of the leg and attacked it indiscriminately even as writhing Kumar tried in vain to pull it in By the time he could finally draw it inside the door, with the help of friends . Kumar‘s leg got fracture d. He is presently being treated at the Durgabhai Deashmukh hospital.

Kuamr was standing under the tent out side the Arts College on Sunday night when police, including the OU inspector and the Assistant Commissioner of Police walked in and threatened the students not to assemble there. When the students continued their agitation undeterred, the Police started wielding their lathis indiscriminately.

Students then began to run into the Arts College and Kumar was the last one on the run. “The Police caned my leg inhumanly. The other students had to pull me hard to bring the leg inside, Kumar said.

“Had the watchman not closed the door, I am sure some students would have been killed in the police assault “, Kumar told

With scores of students getting admitted, admitted, the Durgabhai Deshmuk hospital resembled a classroom.

The students alleged that it was police who or chest rated violence by maliciously resorting to stone pelting.

We were preparing for our exams when news broke out that JAC students were attacked by police. All girl students decided to take out a rally towards B hostel. We thought police will not dare attacked us since there were no women cops. But shamelessly and in an undemocratic manner, they had attacked us,” lamented an MA (Telugu) student, Swapna, who suffered rubber bullet in juries.

Swapna immediately fell down and, to her ill-fated, on a barbed wire leading to further injuries to her leg. She is now not in a position to move.

Girl students alleged that police used the filthiest language and vulgar gestures during the lathicharge. “We just cannot speak of it. Some students didn’t even come to the hospital out of disgust and fearing for their life,” said a girl student.

On campus,Tear gas fails to bring tears

WANT to know how to counter tear gas shells? Learn it from Osmanina University students who seem to have mastered the act.

Giving a shock to the police, OU students deactivated the tear gas shells within minutes of their firing preventing the smoke –emitting shells from causing any inconvenience. In fact, the students were seen inviting the police to lob the shells on them, when they clashed with the latter on the OU campus on Monday.

Whenever a policeman fired a tear gas shell, the students cheered, ran after it and deactivated it before the tear gas could actually start acting on them. Tear gas causes tears in eyes making it impossible for the affected person to see anything for some time.

Students poured sand on the shells and pinned them under boulders to render them ineffective. For many of them, the failed shells are a souvenir of their struggle for separate Telangana movement,” a student said showing a shell. Some students had a different way of repelling the shell attack. They collected the shells, soon after they were fired, into a cloth and hurled them back at the cops forcing the latter to retreat. Mostly, students at the B Hostel were seen adopting this technique.

source: Expressbuzz


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Over 10 security personnel and few media persons were injured today in a fresh clash between students and security men in Osmania University here, the nerve-centre of separate Telangana agitation

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