Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Say 'YES' to Love but 'NO' to Valentines Day

Valentine Day is too Commercialized so
Say YES to Love but NO to Valentines Day

O Hindu Youth, Why fall in the trap of ‘Valentine Day’? Get ready to fight the calamities falling on Nation and Hindu Dharma instead!

Today we are blindly following the western culture under the name of Valentine Day. The young students of schools and colleges are falling prey to such culture and express their love to each other by way of exchanging greeting cards. But actually speaking it is not love but only a attraction to the opposite sex at a tender and immature age

14 th February is known as ‘Valentine Day’ in some countries. On this day both male and female youth exchange flowers and gifts as a token of love. Is the real love showy and limited to just one day? It is a western custom that put the parents in ‘old age home’ and then celebrate showy ‘ Mother’s Day’and ‘Father’s Day’ for one day! Now this madness is taking roots in our land of Hindustan having the best culture in the world. Does love is only limited to the physical attraction of the youth? Love is present in such holy relations as Guru and disciple, Brother and sister, mother and father and even on motherland.

It is said that love can conquer the world; then why couldn’t we win Kashmir with love? If the love of ‘Valentine ‘ is so powerful then why his love cannot change the hearts of terrorists creating havoc in Kashmir and killing innumerable innocent brethren of ours in rest of Hindustan?

A call to Citizens for Protection of Culture!

• Meet Principals, Professors, Board of Directors and Representatives of Students’ organizations by going to Schools, Colleges, Private tuitions and request them to educate the youth against the observation of ‘ Valentine Day’!

• Distribute pamphlets such as this to prevent the celebration of ‘ Valentine Day’!

• Display the banners or boards in your area with such contents!

• Lodge protests with the companies manufacturing greeting cards meant for canvassing ‘Valentine Day’!

• Lodge protests with such colleges who silently give consent for celebrating ‘Valentine Day’ by way of actual visit, telephone or other constitutional ways!



Anonymous said...

The British have left India but there culture,language and their religion is still there...

The media must be blamed for all this...

The Mangalore pub attack happened only due to christian boys and girls spoiling hindu boys and girls with their culture of pub culture... as mangalore has large christian population.

While valentines days is purely christian festival as he was a priest in a church.

Anonymous said...

All your blogs have nothing but a common thread of ramblings without reasoning.

Someone wants to celebrate Valentine's day let them. Where are your condemning of the attack on Mangalore pub? Sadly it is Hindus like you who give us all a bad name.