Sunday, February 21, 2010

Andhra politicians drive Telangana Students to commit suicides

Telangana Will Remember Its Martyr's
Andhra politicians drive Telangana Students to commit suicides

My eyes are wet , as I write this , I choke to breath as I feel a lump in throat . Why I'am crying , its just because I pain to see my Telangana Brothers and sisters committing suicides for an legitimate cause . I'am crying over my helplessness, neither I cud save my T-Students lives nor I have guts like them to die along with them . Shame on me , shame on this life .Earlier I was a fighter , i fought great fights on streets over National issue . This Karsewak who bought down 400 yrs Babri structure down in one go at Ayodya , is hiding in home behind an computer . why I’am not able to repeat the same ?

Why I am showing my back and fleeing from the battle ?? why I am not chasing those who have infected wounds on Telangana hearts . I am confused ,With whom shud I fight , with Police who are led by Andhra officers , whose sadism crossed all the civil norms , or fight against my T-politicians for whom Power is more important than a cause or against Andhra Plutocrats who with their Money power have sabotaged my Telangana Dreams .

Now for some reasons I remember Mahabharat's ABHIMANYU who was tricked alone into 'Padmavyuham' and surrounded by Kaurava Army . But Abhimanyu was brave enuf to get into battle and die on battle field , fighting for dharma , unlike him I'am hiding behind the computer . Will ever Telangana history forgive me for my timidness ??? Will I ever forgive myself for living a hallow life ???

Martyr Yadigiri :: Yesterday an 19 year old Intemeditae student Yadagiri(Yadaiah) at Osmania University set himself fire for Telangana state . Later in the night he succumbed to burns and left this world , well before he can see Telangana state formed . He doused himself with petrol and lit it, this horrifying scene that left all dumb with shock and fear. As fire engulfed his body he dint forgot to give “ Jai Telangana” slogans all the way . With 85% burns and when para mediacal were shifting his burnt body he was still conscious of Telangana state. Till he died in hospital he was asking every Doctor and Visitor wheter Students Rally to Assembly was a Success or not . In a suicide note, he wrote that he was taking the extreme step to protest the delay in formation of Telangana state. The youth hails from Ranga Reddy district.

The saddest part of this Martyrs story is that he was an Orphan . He lost his parents in his childhood . He grew up in a Orphanage home in RR dist . He worked in nights to earn , so that he can pay his education fees . He is to work in at an Restarant in nights and attend college in morning . His heart was so big that he is to donate all the money he earned during nite shifts to his beloved orphanage Home , never used it for his comforts . He was gud in Sports as well , while in school he represented the State team .

Martyr Mohammed Savera : This girl was doing her FY graduation in Narasampet Warangal Dist . She saw Yadigiri setting himself blaze on TV and cudnot control her emotions . She took Kerosene stored in her kitchen , poured onherself and roaring with “ Jai Telangana “ slogans she lit the matchstick , which inturn burned her body before neighbours cud put off the fire . She suffered 80% burns . She was immediately rushed to local hospital . When localites turned upto hospital to see her were shocked when she bravely addressed them to fight till Telangana state is formed . She said not a drop of tear shud be wasted for her . And further said if her death can inspire some in their fight for Telangana she will consider herself lucky . All these brave words , were coming from a girl who was on a hospital bed with 80% burns .

Mohammed Savera was a daughter of an daily labourer . Her father too died at an young age . Both mother and child were daily labourers , she use to pay her college fees with whatever money she earned during her vacations . Thus she passed her Intermediate with quite a good marks and was doing Graduation until she immolated herself for the cause she believed in

Now I stand on my legs with a heavy Heart to pay tributes to all the Martyr's who have given their lives for the noble cause of Telangana State . And feeling shame as I could not join them in their Death . Forgive Me .


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Anonymous said...

my blood boils with anger. our mps and mla's are blood drinking piles of shit. i hope they are nuked to hell.
good blog brother. keep it up

Anonymous said...

Some quotes on your hatred. Can we all grow up a little here?

Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated.
by George Bernard Shaw

A man who lives, not by what he loves but what he hates, is a sick man.

by Archibald Macleish

Dharma said...

Life is precious. Anyone can be made to die voluntarily if he/she is brainwashed. For example, I can make someone die for Rahul Gandhi. All I will tell him (being of limited IQ he will believe whatever is told to him) are ridiculous things that are sentimental.
I am just saying that these incidents should not affect our judgements. The background of both the victims is clearly unfortunate. Show me one highly educated, well-bred, well-to-do person who has ever done such an act for T. The lower classes are very impressionable. They are very emotional.
Personally, I would blame the T leaders for these incidents for inciting so much emotional content.
I am a Telanganite. I study at BITS-Pilani.
Jai Hind First
Jai Telangana Next
Personally I am for T state only for administrative benefits. There is no need to become emotional and waste the god-given life.
If OU was a world-class university, let me tell you, even 10% will not join the movement. OU is outdated and sick, particularly the ARTS colleges, filled with least-interested students who spend most of the time eve teasing and ragging.
I am not blaming the students here. It is the society that creates us. What we should be looking for is self-motivation. Show me a single T leader who inspires us just the way he is (except the great PV).