Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On Republic Day we resolve to fight for Telangana State .

This Day,  Year 1950, Indian Constitution came into existence with a promise to guarantee the citizens their Democratic Rights . But in last 5 decades our rightful demand of Telangana state has been brutally curbed by State and Central governments using Armed forces. There is no meaning to Republic Day as long as the Govt ignores the Cry of 4 Crore natives of Telangana . This Day we Telanganites resolve to fight untill our last breath for formation of Telangana State .
आज़ादी अदूरी है , तेलंगाना राष्ट्र अबी भाखी है !!!
Jai Telangana !
Jai Bharath Varsh !!

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