Tuesday, January 18, 2011

T-JAC Rasta Roko : Telangana comes to a stand still on Monday

Telangana Rasta Roko a Huge Success.

Vehicular Traffic on all State & National  Highways has come to a stand still  in Telangana area on Monday with TG activists staging Rata-Roko in support of their demand to  the Central government to introduce formation of separate Telangana State Bill in Parliament during coming Budget secessions . At several places in TG,  traffic was stranded for 3-4 hours.

The telangana activists  brought Traffic to halt on  National Highways coming from Warangal –Hyd , Karinagar-Hyd , Nizamabad to Hyd, Nalgonda to Hyd & State highways of  Khammam, Nirmal, Bhainsa, Mancherial, Chennur , Karimnagar  and Asifabad roads. The protesters conducted similar road blockades at other interior  places too.  The road connectivity with neighboring states was also severely affected by sit in protests .  Movement of Vehicles was stopped at all the places leading to Hyderabad Viz BHEl ,L.B.Nagar , Uppal , Aramgar . Inside Hyderabad protests were held in 50 places .

The huge participation of civil society in protests shows that the TG agitation is not in the hands of few politicians but in the hearts of 4 crore Telanganites .  This peaceful agitation reminds us those nostalgic memories of Indian freedom movement. Unlike Independence struggle we shud keep politicians at bay.  My sincere request to all Telanganites is, we need to be vigilant and not totally trust politicians like KCR & others  for long . Instead of trusting one or two politicians ,  Lets reach to the masses and make all 4 Crore  Telanganites the stake holders of the agitation .

 During the freedom movement our past generation have trusted one man Mahatma(sic) Gandhi immensely and the end  result was freedom movement got delayed , we lost heroes like Bhagath Singh, Azad & Subash Bose , millions of Hindus were massacred with one way EXODUS  and Akhand Bharath was truncated by allowing formation of Pakistan . This time lets not repeat our past mistake. So, be watchful of politicians like KCR and others.  Lets be clear whole of Telangana including HYDERABAD is ours .

Thousands of ordinary people responded to the call given by TG-JAC .  According to State Intelligence Dept nearly 5-6  Lakh members have participated in protest . This itself is an huge number by any count .  Protestors were innovative in showcasing their anger during the protest , they cook & had mass Lunch on streets  , played kabbadi ,kho-kho and cricket . Women were seen carrying Bathukamma pots on their heads .

 ABVP,  BJP,TRS,CPI,CPIML activists also lend their hand by participating in huge numbers . Not just the Civil society & Political activist but huge number of  Professionals like Doctors, Advocates, Teachers, Professors, Govt Employees also turned up for the first time to make their presence felt on streets. Police had tough time arresting thousands of pro-Telangana protesters , cops were not expecting such a huge turnout . At many places , Iam told that Police requested the protesters to disperse on their own , as they are incapable of arresting all the demonstrators .

Goebels  Seema-Andhra Media did spit its poisonous venom by saying that TG-JAC organized rasta rooks to create havoc among the those Seema-Andhraites who are returning  Hyderabad after Sankaranti festival . This is one such blatant lie, which was shamelessly propagated all the day . We TG activists had no such intentions , if we had any, we can challenge that we are capable of not just stopping them from entering HYD but can HUNT down , until they flee from Hyderabad .

Simple common sense will nullify the claim of Seema- Andhra Media propaganda. The TG-JAC started their Road blockades around 10 AM , all the trains and buses coming from Seemandhra enter HYD even before 6 AM , by 10 AM all those coming from villages must have happily and safely  alighted and made their way to work as well.  It shows that agitation was not aimed at anyone. The peaceful conduct of the agitation  is also note worthy and  laudable . Its high time that Seema-Andhra Media stop maligning Telangana agitation or else it may have to taste the brunt of the masses.

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v said...

what are u trying to prove??
1. Telangana region is integral part of india so any one can come and go..Nobody can stop any indian citizen to leave hyderabad forcibly.
2. Your article suggest you are frustated and despirate to have Telagana as Seperte State.Can you ellobrate.
3.I do agree media exagurate the story for better TRP.