Monday, April 16, 2012

Beef Festival twarted by ABVP in Osmania University

Some Lumpen elements in Osmania University made plans to antoganise Hindus by organising Beef festival . The Heroes of ABVP thwarted it successfully . Sponsored by Church.... Christists and Maoists wearing mask of Dalit have come under one Umbrella to provoke Hindus , the mirchifying result is felt by the organisers later. ABVP activists kicked their Arses so hard that their coming 7 generations will feel the heat of the kick . After brutally battered they are now talking nonsense in front of TV cameras . Instead of backyard, SHIT is coming from their mouths . Tasting their own shit in their mouth they must be regretting for challenging Hindutva forces. Never ever in future these Yesuvadis , Maovadis , Islamvadis will again dare to poke Hindu forces in Osmania .

ABVP has the history in Telangana of successfully weeding out Radicals from University campuses . Now to gain the lost ground Maoists have collided with Dalit Christians and provoking the nationalist forces , their attempt last nite was foiled by ABVP.
These Maoist Christist Lumpen elements are  totally shaken by ABVP over powering them in OU ... wot Police cudnt do all these years ABVP did it in one day. 
Well Done ABVP ! Iam proud that i started my student life with ABVP.

Some Mullah-Maulvi aulads are dancing at veiled attacks by Church elements on Hindutva forces , but let them remember these are the same forces which gave a FACE lift to Prophet Muhamad in Denmark . There is no gaurentee that they wont do it again. That day is not far when these Lumpen elements may organise a PORK festival at HYD Mecca Masjid . Or In the name of Freedom of Expression may conduct a Drawing competition with a theme on ALLAH & Prophet Muhamad . Then imagine who will dance ,clap & whistle at their agony . 

Arise Hindu's !! Understand the sinster designs of Yesuvadis, Maovadis and Islamvadis attacking Hindu sentiments .
Christianity came not only to spread itself in the world, but also to eliminate all other religions of the world. It has this characteristic in common with Islam, which talks about destroying the infidels. Thus both Islam and Christianity are replacement religions, they did not come into the world, to make peace with any other religion, but to extinguish them.


manoj said...

We all know how important is cow to hindu. but still hold a beef festival. Every one should think about this.


vivek said...

these kirastanis are more dangerous than razakar gang. but telangana hindus have guts and fight back unlike migrants. i have seen migrants do not have strong hindu feeling or pride but telangana people even if they are poor have guts and pride.

i hope bjp wins parkal. can the author write a blog on bjp chances in parkal?