Monday, April 9, 2012

Investigate Seemandhra Plutocrats role in Hyderabad communal clashes .

Curfew imposed yesterday after communal riots erupted in Hyderabad old city . The reason behind the clashes is said to be a Cow was killed and Meat thrown into Hanuman Temple. As you know Cow has an Holy place in Hindu Dharma and is revered as Goddess .

What surprises me is why riots happening in HYD suddenly ? Why Hindu Muslim clashes took place in Sangareddy , hitherto considered as an peaceful area . Is that rage prevailing among religious Org's ??? I seriously doubt it , I feel they are hatched and executed by some vested interests. Watch Out Telangana , I smell more Hindu - Muslim clashes in near future, BEWARE .

I see political ploy in flaring up religious sentiments . Every time Telangana issue pops up in Delhi , communal riots happens in HYD . In 2009 Just around declaration of TG State by GOI , planned riots happened in HYD . Then the talk was YS Jaganmohan Reddy's Business Partner Gali Janardhan Reddy has financed Hindu and Muslim organisations . In 2009 while going to my office , I have seen huge Green and Saffron color flags and buntings tied up all along the route . All the decoration looked costly , i felt religious Org's cant bear the cost . I instantly felt that something mischievous things will happen in HYD . I was right , Riots happened . I strongly feel that those riots were cleverly planed by some vested lumpen elements to divert attention from Telangana issue.

Seemandhra Political hegemony has history of starting Communal riots for their political gains . In 1989 ,To bring down Chenna Reddy from CM chair , YS Rajashekar Reddy bought Rayalseema Goondas and engineered communal riots in Old city . YSR plan worked and Chenna Reddy has to forego his CM chair. So, Seemandhra Politicians role in HYD & Sangareddy riots can not be ruled out.

Sangareddy Communal Riots were said to be have started by Congress MLA Jagga Reddy. He is an known Anti - Telangana , also very-very close to CM Kiran Kumar Reddy. Unconfirmed reports say that it was clash between Jagga Reddy Rowdies and Localaites , in the end it got Communal Colour and riots happened .The reason for Sangareddy riots is believed to be some Muslims have torn Jagga Reddy Flexi during Ram Navami festival . That flexi had a picture of Sri Ram . That offended Jagga Reddy  gang and selectively destroyed some shops . With in hours others too retaliated by attacking innocent properties.  Its believed that to save Cong MLA , Administration cooked up story that someone posted objectionable religious picture on Facebook and riots happened .

A Judicial inquiry by High Court sitting Judge shud be initiated to investigate HYD & Sangareddy riots and role of Seemandhra Plutocrats and their Business houses . I strongly believe these riots are perpetrated by Seemandhra Plutocrats to sabotage formation of Telangana along with Hyderabad as its capital . Seemandhraites LUST for Hyderabad is well known , the only way they can stop HYD going to Telangana is thru Communal discord . The only people who will be happy if communal riots broke up in Hyderabad will be Seemandhraites . Perhaps they feel riots is the only way to get Union-Territory status for HYD and keep it with them.

Interestingly DGP Dinesh Reddy and Hyderabad Police Commissioner both are from Seemandhra region . AK Khan is ruling the roost in Hyderabad , How come more riots happen during his tenure, compared to last 10 years ? He all the time showed interest banning Hindu Festibvals and harassing Hindu leaders like Thakur Raja Singh with fake cases but left Muslims go scott free . This audacity of Police bosses shud be also investigated . Heads shud roll in Hyderabad Police Dept for Communal clashes. Remove AK Khan, bring Kothakota Srinivas Reddy as HYD Police Comm and See the Difference .


Anonymous said...

stupid analysis. trying to see a conspiracy in everything and anything. grow up sir. fight for India, not fight against Indians - An ExIAFOfficer

Anonymous said...

I am sure that you are a telugu person. There is a proverb in Telugu - Pacha kamerlu vachina vaadiki lokamanta pachaga kanabaduthuni(the person who gets jaundice will think that the whole world is yellow).

Dont relate every thing to Telangana. Tomorrow you might say that Obama lost his post because of Telangana movement. Have some sense as educated. Illiterates are much better than you guys who makes non sense statement without even knowing the facts.

Anonymous said...

If you are not shining in any area, that is your laziness. You will not become geniouses if the state is formed.
Instea try to be competetive, study properly and you can shine in any area. Dont crib for reservations all the time.
Realize early.

skrokz said...

I think Telenga demand is justified. Some of the rules implemented under years of congress rule is clearly captured in my tribute to grand old party