Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hanuman descend when ever Lord Ram name is chanted .

If you are a believer then this is for you, it happened some time back. This was in Ratlam during an Ram Katha narration when Hindu religious leaders (Sadhu's and Sant's) assembled to discuss the construction of Ram Mandir temple in Ayodhya.

You all know Ram-naam is believed to be very dear to Lord Hanuman . There is an firm belief among Hindu's that Lord Hanuman visit in one or other form where ever "Ram Katha" is told. For that simple reason Hindu's do keep an vacant chair/place for Lord Hanuman  to ascend and listen to "Ram Katha".

The above Video manifest and second the Hindu's belief. Monkey which is often treated as Hanuman , has come on to stage from no where as Ram Katha was told. Went on to the Swami Ji's narrating Ram-katha and blessed them. Later sat near the picture of Sri Ram had the prasad (offerings) and left.

యత్ర యత్ర రఘునాథ కీర్తనం
తత్ర తత్ర కృతమస్తకాంజలిం.

(Where ever Sri Ram name is uttered
then and there appears Sri Maruti)

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