Sunday, June 28, 2015

Celestial beings in Hindu Dharm

Mahadevas are the main gods of Hinduism including their avatars. Lord Shiva is known as Mahadeva. All beings except the Mahadevas were created by Lord Brahma.

((Devas: ))
Devas are the good celestial beings similar to angels. They live in the kingdom of heaven which is ruled by Dheva Raja Indra. They are under the protection of the Mahadevas.

((Asuras: ))
Asuras are the wicked and rebellious celestial beings, similar to the Fallen Angels. They live under feudal rules of different Asura kings. They are sworn enemies of the Devas and tried several times to conquer the kingdom of heaven, but without success.

Suras are chivalrous and warlike celestial beings. They are considered sons of the sun god Surya and embody the sunbeam. The king Rajendra Chola called once himself the brightest shining Sura of the Suryavamsa.

Yakshas, are nature spirits and their king is the prosperity god Kubera. Yakshas can be divided between good and evil Yakshas. Evil Yakshas live on trees and attack people who wander in the forest.

Nagas are snake people and their king is the Nagaraja Vasuki. Nagas are sworn enemies of the Garudas.

The Garudas are eagle people. The mount of Lord Vishnu is a Garuda. Garuda and Naga culture is widespread in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

The Vanaras are Monkey people. The most famous Vanara is the deity Hanuman. Vanaras living in Vana (forest) Kingdom.

Rakshasas are demons or ogres and embody the evil. They work with the Asuras against the Devas and humans. The Rakshasa power increase at night.

((Humans and Animals: ))
Humans and Animals are mortal beings living on earth. They are neutral nature.

Matsyas are sea people and their king is the Samudra Raja Varuna. They are represented as half human and half fish.

Pishachas, are Undead beings that feed on blood and flesh of mortal beings. Pisashas is used as a term for ghosts and vampires.

Apsaras are beautiful celestial nymphs and talented dancers.

Gandharvas are heavenly beings and talented musicians. Gandharvas and Apsaras are responsible for the entertainment in the kingdom of heaven

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