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Ancient History of NorthEast India during Mahabharat

Ancient History of NorthEast India at Mahabharat

Ancient history of Manipur and Nagas at Mahabharata era
The earliest references to 'Manipur' date back to the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata, in which several characters, such as Chitrāngadā, Ulupi, Babruvahana, and Iravan, are 'Manipuris'.

The earliest references to Nagaland are found in the Indian epic Mahābhārata. Several characters from the region, such as Princess Ulupi and Prince Iravan, were referred to as Naga people in the epic.
The word Naga is perhaps derived from Nag or belivers of snake god. The people were originally referred to as Chingmee (Hill People) or Hao (Tribes) in the history of Manipur.


Ulūpī or Uloopi, in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, was one of Arjuna's wives. While Arjuna was in Manipur, the Naga princess became infatuated with him. She caused him to be abducted after he had been intoxicated with potent concoctions and had him conveyed to her realm in the netherworld. There, Ulūpī induced an unwilling Arjuna to take her for a wife. She was the mother of Iravan. She later restored Arjuna to the lamenting Chitrāngadā, one of Arjuna's other wives. She played a major part in the upbringing of Arjuna and Chitrangada's son, Babruvahana. She was also able to restore Arjuna to life after he was slain in battle by Babruvahana. When Arjuna was given a curse by the Vasus,Bheeshma's brothers after he killed Bheeshma in the Kurushtra war,She redeemed him Arjuna from his curse.


Iravat or Iravan (Sanskrit:इरवन), in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, was the son of Pandava prince Arjuna and Naga princess Ulupi. He fought on the side of the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra war and was killed by the Rakshasa Alumvusha on the eighth day of the war.

Finally reaching the destination in Dimapur, he travelled to Hidimba kunda where the marriage of Bhima(ref. Maharharata) and Hidimba took place after killing Hidimba's demon brother. At the home of Hidimba there are still remains of large pillars with archeological significance.

Chitrāngadā (चित्रांगदा), in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, is one of Arjuna's wives. Arjuna travelled the length and breadth of India during his term of exile. His wanderings took him to ancient Manipur in the eastern Himalayas, an almost mystic kingdom renowned for its natural beauty. There, he met Chitrāngadā, the daughter of the king of Manipur, and was moved to seek her hand in marriage. Her father demurred on the plea that, according to the matrilineal customs of his people, the children born of Chitrāngadā were heir to Manipur; he could not allow his heirs to be taken away from Manipur by their father. Arjuna agreed to the stipulation that he would take away neither his wife Chitrāngadā nor any children borne by her from Manipur and wed the princess on this premise. A son, whom they named Babruvahana, was soon born to the couple. Babruvahana would succeed his grandfather as king of Manipur.


Babruvahana( or Babhruvahana) is one of the sons of Arjuna, begotten through Chitrangada, the princess of Manipur, during the period of his exile at Manipur.
Babruvahana was adopted as the son of his maternal grandfather, and reigned at Manipur as his successor. He dwelt there in a palace of great splendour, surrounded with wealth and signs of power.
When Arjuna went to Manipur with the horse intended for the Aswamedha, there was a quarrel between Arjuna and King Babhruvahana, and the latter killed his father with an arrow. Repenting of his deed, he determined to kill himself, but he obtained from his stepmother, the Naga princess Uloopi, a gem which restored Arjuna to life. He returned with his father to Hastinapura. [1]This was on account of a curse by the Vasus, on account of Arjuna's killing Bhishma (who is an incarnation of one of the Vasus) during the Mahabharata war.

The Mahabharata mentions that in the kingdom of Manipur, more than five thousand years ago, the prince Arjuna married the Manipuri princess Citrangada. Their son Babhruvahana ruled Manipur for a very long time. Though some scholars (of course) disagree, most scholars and adherents of the Vedic tradition identify that kingdom of Manipur with the present Manipur state.
In the Srimad-Bhagavatam (9.22.32) it is said, sutayam babhruvahanam manipura-pateh so ’pi tat- putrah putrika-sutah: “By his wife the princess of Manipur, Arjuna had a son named Babhruvahana, who became the adopted son of the Manipuri king.”

Ancient history of Arunachal at Mahabharata era

Malinithan in Lekhabali and Rukhmininagar near Roing, place where Rukhmini, Lord Krishna's wife, used to live and Parshuram Kund in Lohit district, which is believed to be the lake where Parshuram washed away all his sins


Parashuram Kund also finds its mention in many puranic texts in different ways. However, it is believed that ?Parashuram was born to saint Jamadagni and Rebuka in Treta.

One day, Renuka, after her bath in Ganga was on her way back to the Ashram when she saw the Gandhrava King Chitraratha playing with the celestial nymphs. She felt drawn to the king chitraratha and lost the track of time.

When she returned with wet cloths, frightened and absent minded, it was already time for the mid-day worship in the Ashram. Jamadagni, who was worried over the delay of her returning from her bath, could perceive why she was

Jamadgani then became so much furious for this unusual conduct of Renuka that he lost his self-controlled. He asked his father?s cruel mandate as a dutiful son. He came forward and killed his mother, as he was fully aware of his father?s power of Tapasya. He even killed his brothers because they did not carry out their father?s command.

Here at this Kund, the legendary sage Purusharam gets atoned from his sin of matricide.


Bhishmaknaar fort
The Dibang Valley lying to the extreme north of the state is close to the Chinese border. Tribal Discovery takes you to Roing a small town with the ancient Bhishmaknagar Fort excavated in 1996 revealing relics dating back to the 4th Century A.D. Built with bricks of clay and extending to 19 Sq.Kms it is believed to be the ancient kingdom of Bhismaka where Rukmani was given in marriage to Lord Krishna. Malinithan a small town has strong mythological links with Lord Krishna and his consort Rukmani.

According to traditional accounts Princess Rukmini birth in the family of Bhismaka. (Mahabharata Adi 67.156). Rukmini was the daughter of King Bhismaka of Kundil in Upper Assam. Bhismaka was the vassal of King Jarasandha of Magadha.

The first known ruler of Assam was Mahiranga Danava of Danava dynasty, who was succeeded in turn, in the direct line by Hatakasur, Sambarsur and Ratnasur. After them there was a chief named Ghatakasur, the ruler of the Kiratas. He made Progjyotishpur (the modern Guwahati) his capital, and settled numerous Brahmans at Kamakhya. Narakasur was killed by Lord Krishna of Dwaraka. Narakasur's successor, Bhagadatta, figured in the Mahabharata war leading a vast army against the Pandavas.
Sri Krishna frequently appears in Assam Mythology. Sri Krishna fought against king Bhismaka of Kundil (now Sadia) in his bid to marry Bhismaka's daughter Rukmini. Another king Banasura of Sonitpur (now Tezpur) fought against Sri Krishna, when Banasura's daughter Usha was secretly married to Anirudh, the grandson of Sri Krishna.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your article. Many people from othe parts of indian think that the entire north-east was a part of china without any connection with indian culture. Your article clears such misleading thoughts

Anonymous said...

Hi Karsewak, I am a hindu Assamese and a proud Indian. Every time a I go to my state, the number of growing muslims and the christians (proselytes) perturbs me a lot. Government can only stop the illegal muslims, but society is encouraging christian proselyting. Let me tell you a fact: A hindu manipuri was made fun of for claiming himself to be a hindu because of his mongolian looks. He married a khasi christian and converted to christian. He is not the only one who is facing indentity crisis. Lots of nagas, boros are doing the same for the same reason. Any thoughts on that?

shurchandra said...

Hi,karsewak May I ask something that related with ur article ? When did hinduism come in Manipur and Nagaland ? Do u know the place name Mainpuri in UP central province ? What are main religion of Manipur and Nagaland before 600 year ? Who was first hindu prophecy came to Manipur and Nagaland and when ?

I think u are lack of knowledge about the history. Don't misleading other people and try to give correct history.

Anonymous said...

I dnt believe that all part of northeast are hindu or belong to india territories in those days yes but some are.In my point of view i think the north east state had their own kind of religion in those days.
Due to some outside influence these things got mix up and people start converting to others religion.

jake rob said...

this is a misinterpretation of mahabharata.It never mentioned manipur or nagaland.Nagaland had been away from outside influence until the british conquest and manipur had its own religion until hinduism craweld thru and destroyed the cultured by converting the manipuri king who was too open minded unlike the other kings of the princely states in india.they not only destroyed the cultured by introducing caste but even the script of the manipuris which the manipuris are now struggling to revive.Manny lives and blood had been shed just to restore the script itself.pliz do not distort the truth with speculations,composition and wishful thinking as it doesnt promote peace at all.if there is any Honest indian still living in the country like me they will accept the fact that NE is just a colonised territory whose early leaders were forced to signed the union of NE to the supremacy of india.If anyone with the gift of logic 'reason',anyone who has an eye seek the truth or forever watch the truth submerged in the lies.It is painful how the people are being manipulated,fooled and taken advantage of.

Anonymous said...

Mahabharata even mentions of Kirat King Yalambar , which is from Nepal. Yalambar even defeated Arjun and when in fight he said I will take lossing side and he fought from Kaurava's side. The Whole North East and Himalayan Kingdom Nepal till Chittagong in Banlgladesh was once called Kirat Kingdom, It is believed that the Rai, Limbu, Gurung , some tribes of North East are Kirats.

Ritige said...

was rukamani daughter of Bhismaka ,king of kundil or daughter of bhismaka,king of vidarbha ??
who is her father??

Chalamba Luwang said...

First of all,Mahabharat is 'MYTH', there is no prove of being.

secondly Manipur(Kangleipak) was never a part of India, we had our own religion.

Manipur was named only after hinduism was introduced in Kangleipak, the earlier name of Manipur was Kangleipak, meitrapak, etc but sure Manipur wasn't.

Manipur was merged with India (Gun Point) in 15th of October 1949.

and Finally I don't know why this hindu people wants the northeast people to be hindu, though they know very well that we are Mongolian race.
Actually Manipur(Kangleipak) is a place blessed with beautiful resource, blessed with awesome people and a land of jewel so they are jeolous and they want us to join hindu so that they claim this beautiful resource, people and land belongs to them. (No offence, its just the truth i feel).
and please don't try to convert us to hindu religion , we are happy with our own religion and yeah don't live in this misconcept that Arjun came to Kangleipak and bla bla bla....

Kumar said...

The story of Mahabharata dates back to about 3000 BC. The inclusion of Manipur in it could have been true.

It is not saying that Manipur followed Hinduism thereafter, which came just few centuries ago.

Nongmaangkha said...

hahahaha what a fool joke!!! MIXING MAHABHARAT WITH MANIPUR HA..HA..HA..HA..

nerefs raj said...

so, search the map of Akhanda bharat in the mahabrata time after that u believe the true fact ie, north east was included in that map

nerefs raj said...

those people r talking mahabharat was false they r not know anything search in Google, science confirm that mahabharat occur but some people r not believe wat kind of man dey r

Anonymous said...

All the tribal people in the NE trace their cultural and religious roots to ancient animist (spirits and ancestor worship) and duality (sun/moon) traditions. Mainstream Hinduism has appropriated/included these traditions as Tantra, Sakta and Saiva etc. though they became very ritualist and complex. Tribal culture and religion (including the tribes in mainland) is the fundamental source of many current mainstream Hindu traditions and philosophy. It is based on human freedom, universal harmony and respect for nature. Democracy (voting turnout) succeeds in NE India, because democratic principles and consensus is fundamental to tribal life. Thus, I would say a non-sanskrit based tribal religious system would be as Hindu as any other mainstream Hindu tradition. There is no need to Sanskritise and Brahmanise such tribal traditions. They should be viewed as older branches of the Hindu religion.
Mythological references to NE India is at best a confirmation of interactions between tribal and Indian mainlanders. The tribals were not HINDU as understood now. They probably were accepted/ rationalised by mainlanders as belonging to tantric traditions and so on. Hinduism was understood loosely in the past. Islamic invasions probably caused a reaction and Hinduism became rigid.
By the way Shiva-Parvati is worshipped by many Tribals of NE in myraid ways, though the rituals are not Vedic. These rituals are offshoots of ancient Indic proto culture which predate the Vedas. Shiva was after all a KIRATA GOD and the master of martial arts. Naturally his people are good in sports and martial arts.

Anonymous said...

In ancient civilization, when people were try make them civilized, they developed, inherent or adopt some rule to follow to spend their life in a beautiful way. The rules are not rigid but based on scientific ideas. This civilization were grow on the bank of river Indus. Every body know. This people are called Hindu. Basically, I think, (I repeat I think), people those who are believed on their ancient culture and respect them and try to follow but not rigidly they are called Hindu. I am a proud Hindu. But, you will be astonished that other than Hindu, every religious class are developed by some famous respected Gurus. That is why Hindu Dharma were not born, so it is called Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Hindu does not have any religious book. Ramayana, Mahabharata are great epics of our ancient civilization and Gita is demonstrated beautifully the philosophy of Life.

Anonymous said...

even Vietnam also believe their country once under Hinduism , even south east Asia also have Hindu temple, than why idiots meitei don't accept it that once upon a time Manipur was part of India and Hinduism exist.the teaches fake history after all they are fake Manipuris .... The Ahom or assamese people are from east asia they accept it , they came Assam in 12th century but meitei says they are in Manipur or Kanglekpai(fake name) for thousands years... even before Christ even Islam and more than MAHABHARATA war, Mahabharata is not fake, it has the proof , meitei belive or not but reality is they came to this manipur , they are mayang( foreigners ) .. and now claiming this manipur.. they aren't first race of manipur .. im from Delhi and i have soo many friends from Manipur and NE but when i saw a community BISHNUPRIYA MANIPURI i realized that ye they are those manipuri who related in mahabharata BABRUVHANA ARJUNA .. they are free mind people, peace loving people, not like MEitei who always wanna fight, manipur INDO-ARYAN word MEITEI Mongolian people, BISHNUPRIYA MANIPURI INDO-ARYAN people.. there was something wrong in LSI sir GA GEIRSON refered themselves as BISHNUPURIYA and Fake MANIPURI just because of minority of BISHNUPRIYA MANIPURI or real MANIPURI people, GA GREIRSON call themselves as KALISHA which is HATED speech just because they have darker skin like indo-aryan people. GA GEIRSON never Visited at manipur and never meet with true MANIPURI(BISHNUPRIYA MANIPURI) and thats the reason why TRUE MANIPURI are still hidden.... #MEITEIFAKE #BISHNUPRIYAMANIPURIareREAL . im not a BISHNUPRIYA not MEITEI but i did proper study about these two communities. Meitei people says BISHNUPRIYA copy their culture, what culture meitei talking about they are Hindu for last thousands of BC , BISHNUPRIYA MANIPURI never dance laiharouba, they never worship SANAMAHI who marry his own mother, UNCIVILIZED meitei worship SANAMAHI a asshole of MOther and sons relationship.. meitei dressed like junglee people , after being converted into HINDU they learn dress like INDO-ARYAN from True MAnipuris BISHNUPRIYA , MEitei Dance junglee all night adultery dance all night with all boys and girls who strangers , these kind of dance is not part of our culture admire in meitei. I request everyone to stop teaching fake history . MANIPURIS are Bishnupriya.