Friday, January 25, 2008

I'am Sanatan - I'am Eternal

I'am Sanatan , I'am Eternal ."I" have no Date , "I" have no Death.I have no Death as I live not in body but in Soul. Death is a real bliss to me, Fear is with life .For me Death is mere a single instant which stays for a second.

I die to be reborn again .And every death is a bilssful bless as I come back to carry my unfinished work. Everything that has a date of birth has to have a date of death . Soul is permanent, even in death it lives...... Death is linking tool that is sandhi for this and other life.

Islamic jehadi's and Crusader's stop floating on dates of your Prophets .You conquered us with the sword and Cross. Blessed are my fore-fathers who fought against your Abrahamic tyranny and attained Martyrdom . Now they are in re-union with Sriman-Narayana .In HIS Abode they are again waiting for another death.To come back as someone with a new life . Beware !!!

Each day in your calender that passes off brings you near to peril .Now Its my turn to pick the gauntlet and brave your onslaugt. I will rule the world, and for this I dont have to send a single soldier across my border . All I have to do is spread the vani of Sanatan Dharma .


faiz said...

who told u we conquerd u with sowrd
look at the books of true history u will suerly be blesed be ur good

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