Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hindutva Philosophy

Dear Hindu Bhandu

(these are some thoughts which i feel might come in help for any hindutvaadi in his life.i am pasting them below.)

1)"Being aware and having hatred in ur heart for the enemies who hate or who are a threat to the existance of ur religion and ur country,is better than having an ignorant mind which does not inspire or allow u to defend ur culture,ur heritage,ur motherland,and ur people!"

2)"India is the sacred homeland of a Hindu,where his Religion took birth and so Hindu community was born,hence asking the hindus of India whether they love Hindu Religion/community more or India,is like asking a man whether he loves his family more or his house!"

3)"When a selfish and greedy one sees a kind one helping the poor,he always thinks of the kind one as a fool,and when a coward sees a brave one he always thinks of the brave one as crazy.In a similar way when an unpatriotic,slavish citizen sees a staunch patriot who loves his country and religion more than his life,he always thinks of the patriot as a fanatic.Hence fanatic is a good compliment any true patriot can ever get."

4)"It is not the richness in terms of wealth that shall make India's richness unique in the world,for there are many other wealthy nations.But it is richness in terms of its great indian culture and precious heritage that shall make it an unique country in the world.Hence preserving Indian culture is not less important than making india a rich country."


Anonymous said...

Good/great thoughts
You can still more widen your consciousness.

gaurav said...

Quite reasonable thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Instead of talking hindutwa why dont u talk about national inegrity