Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas - A Fat Lie

Well, just taking time to remember the BIG FAT LIES spread by the crusaders of vatican. Calling the Winter Solstice ad a Pagan Holy day as "christmas" - the day when the so called jesus was born! The bastards have managed to lie about the birth of their so called messiah and fool people! Irony!

was told that Christmas is a day by pagans when they celebrate the shortest day of the year... then came Christianity which cleverly changed it after killing some pagans

The pagan holiday called Yule and the day of christmas falls on the shortest day of the year for them. In reality, this guy jesus was supposed to be born sometime in March or so.

When a religious cult is built upon political motives and absolute lies, we have what the world is facing today - lack of value for each human who sadly followed their path.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely right, Christianity is a complete lie built on death.

Christianity did not only kill pagans but also their own people. In the so called inquisition in the 12th to 18th century the catholics killed everyone who hat metaphysic thoughts because they were called blasphemy, especially woman were tortured and killed because of witchcraft, they were accused being a covenant with devil. All metaphysic sciptures where burnt. Read about this

And what you say regarding holidays is right too. They took all the pagan holidays and put the christian holidays above.

Winter solstice was celebrated as the welcoming oft he light, that comes back to start the new vegetation. Now it is the birth of Jesus.

Same with easter. Easter was meant to celebrate fertility, the symbol of easter was the egg. Now it is the celebration of dead and reborn Jesus.

Some old festivals are coming back … for example Fastnacht, which is to say goodby to the winter, but it is even today banned by Catholics as a sin.