Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Antulay antics and Shameless Congress

Antulay , an Non Pakistani Resident

With the kind of remarks Mr Antulay made and got away with, its really shameful for all of us that we could not even give the due respect to our Martyr policemen. its now high time for us to think about what kind of people are representing our country and we should be ashamed of our choice of leaders. Not just Antulay has the last laugh but also terrorists too.In fact India has become a laughing stock. Evey nation on this globe is aware of this. For Congress, UPA, and all Psuedo-Secularists Pride of Nation and patriotism always stands second , only after their votebank politics, through Antulay Idiotic sound bytes Congress proved it once again.

Why Antulay did not raise conspiracy theory on following occasions ?

  1. Sonia Gandhi was supposed to accompany Rajiv Gandhi to Chennai on that fateful day. But instead, she suddenly changed her plan at Vizag and took a long route to return to Delhi. In matter of 6 hours Rajiv was assassinated by a suicide bomber.
  2. When Indira Gandhi was shot by her body guards, she was taken by Sonia Gandhi to a hospital in a long route to a hospital when there was a hospital nearby. She(Indira Gandhi) was made to bleed to her death. This incidents point fingers at Sonia Gandhi .
  3. Sonia Gandhi mother was said to have met LTTE BalaSingham in London many times before and after Rajiv Gandhis assassination . Why Sonia’s family is hobnobbing with her husbands killers ?
  4. Did Priyanka Vadra suspected Sonia role in her Fathers murder that to know the truth she few months back met secretly the main accused Nalini in TamilNadu jail ?
  5. All strongmen who cud have challenged Sonia Gandhi regime in future were killed in mysterious accidents let it be Sanjay Gandhi , Madhav Rao Scindia , Rajesh Pilot and many more … None of these accidents were probed but the Buzz in political circles is that Sonia and her Italian Opus-Dei behind all these accidents .

No one investigated the above contoversies . Why? Antulay do u smell something here , do you have guts to demand enquiry over Sonia Gandhi too ?

Margaret alva was shown door for a small comment but not Antulay coz Congress has not guts to kick Antulay out , this will hurt their Muslim Vote-Bank in next general elections. This Terrorist supporter was left scot free coz he is muslim and Muslims young, old, rich ,poor, illiterate they all vote en-block and Sonia Gandhi need these votes that go with her idea of seeing her Mentally Slow Son Rahul Gandhi as next Prime Minister . This Antulay drama are pure internal dramas or side shows just to divert attention from the real issue of mortgaging our Interests.

Pakistan need not worry about any thing from India as they have their agents implanted at the highest position in India(read Antulay ). This is shame on all Indians that we are tolerating such anti nationals as our leaders. Time for them to be shown exit door and pack them off to Pakistan. Shame on Congress and shame on them who vote for Congress.

Zardari, Masood Azhar and Dawood are relaxing and having nice food and sleep. What should they worry for? After all Antulay, Sonia and Chidambaram are finishing their job that was left uncompleted by terrorists in Mumbai attack.

In most of the nations, most of the Muslims are being regarded as a liability, fifth columnists, traitors, prone to Islamic extremism and terrorism ,but in India they are pampered to the limit of Prime Minister going to extent of saying that Muslims in India has first right over all the recourses . Many masquerading as moderates, liberals and seculars are in fact overt and covert supporters of Islamic extremism and terrorism. In India, these Antulays and many Muslim ministers and high ranking people are proving right perceptions of majority of non-Muslims!

After 26/11 there is a furious reaction building up against Islamic extremism, terrorism and their supporters. Any party supporting such traitors are going to washed away sooner than expected in the tsunami sweeping India and other parts of the world!

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