Monday, December 1, 2008

Mumbai Street Terror and Aftermath

प्ररित्रनाया साधुनाम
विनाशाय च दुश्क्रितम
संभवामि युगे-युगे.
"For the protection of the good, for the destruc­tion of the wicked and for the establishment of righteousness, I am born in every age." ---- Bhagavat Gita (Chapter IV-8)
People die one day, after few days people behave as if nothing has happened. Unfortunately WE INDIANS have now accepted the terrorism as a part of our lives which we have to deal along with many other problems like corruption, population, POLITICIANS, price rise and the list is endless. Corruption is the root cause - that was the root cause for which country was occupied by the foreign rulers for 1000 years and still continues like that...

So many attacks during the past few months across the country and so little was done by the UPA to save the country from these attacks . Last week it took 2 hours for the terrorists to spread over Mumbai and play the havoc and no barricades established to stop them for so long - no communication among various police stations/check posts - is this what the administration in India ? Is this the security of ordinary citizens ? Or security is the word used for Indian VIPs only ?

As per eyewitness accounts, the terrorists came in rubber boats filled with arms & ammunition from Karachi and just walked ashore. Every country has a Coast Guard complete with interceptor fighter boats and if the Coast Guard was honestly doing its duty, they would have challenged it on the high seas and sunk them, much before they reached the Gateway. Is the defence of our country so porous that any body can just walk in ? Then why we have customs & immigration at all ? Can the Chief of Coast Guard - West explain what went wrong ?

The country is being targetted, its economy is targetted, Hundreds of its citizens have been brutally maimed and killed till now in various terror attacks , its citizens have become refugees in their own land, yet our great powers were concentrating their entire energies on a single-point agenda: to prove a Sadvi's involvement in a minor bomb blast with the finger pointing to a army Colonel as well . Shame, utter shame . U can't carry an keychain across the metal detector, u can't carry a lathi past a security guard, how come they the Jihadis carried grenades and AK-47s. ? All the time the ATS was busy hobnobbing with pseudo-secular politicians in framing a innocent Sadhvi in so called Hindu terror Malegaon blast.

I have no respect for ATS chief Karkare for handling Malegaon blast , all his so called Hindu-terror theories profounded by his team and deliberately leaked to media were ABSURD. Instead of chasing real terror groups he was too pre-occupied finding soft targets. But that doesn’t undermine his martyrdom he attained on Mumbai streets. His martyrdom shud not be over valued or justify for all the dastardly activities he did while on job. ATS is useless and men in service who becomes pawn in hands of politicians in harassing Hindu Sants & Sadhvi's like the ATS chief will meet this kind of end.

The pontiffs of the English media electronic and print, our politicians will find enough excuses. It's your life and mine that's on the line, and the country's future and peace. They'll condemn the 'dastardly act', appeal for maintaining calm, the new Hon'ble HM Chidambaram will change ten suits(if not pancha & Dhoti’s) a day and go back till next bomb blast. Who's going to save India, save ur life and mine?

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