Friday, December 5, 2008

Celebrate Dec 6 as Shourya Diwas

Force is not the only thing that Muslim-Jehadis have used against us. There is no reason for us Hindu's to let the Muslim-Jehadi off with the usage of force alone. Muslims have brutalized and humilated the Hindu's for centuries for their Sadistic amusement. Our aim is not to only defeat Jehadi-Islam but to annihilate it in its roots. Islamic havoc has to be countered through Hindu Havoc against Jehadis. This is called technique of Counter-Jehad.

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Karmasura said...

So you were a member of this??

Hats off to you sir.. and may you achieve your goals in Kashi and Mathura.. we need them back!!

Only terror can destroy or cool down Muslim Jehadi anger..