Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chandrababu pick Industialist CM Ramesh for Rajya Sabha seat

It is learnt that Chandra Babu Naidu has made up his mind to nominate Businessman CM Ramesh for Rajya Sabha seat.The reason for choosing CM Ramesh is Money. TDP has drained nearly Rs 50 Cr on Telangana & Kovvur bypolls . Party's treasury is in doldrums , my source says its in debt. Its but natural for any regional party which is forced to stay in opposition for 8 years in straight . It is said that CM Ramesh has agreed to take care of Rs 50 Cr which Party has spent in Telangana / Kovvur bypolls. This gesture seems to have prevailed over Chandrababu and almost OKAYED CM Ramesh candidature. Most of the party men are said to be unhappy and are resisting Ramesh candidature. But CBN can not undermine the fact that, apart from Rs 50 Cr spent on Telangana elections , he need another Rs 100 Cr for coming 17 seats bypoll in Seemandhra . So CM Ramesh help can not be overlooked.

CM Ramesh is from Kadapa , Velama by caste. A sheer Power broker . He is counted as one of the coterie of CBN. During 9 years of Chandrababu rule , he minted money in Chittor dist . He is articulate in fund raising and raised hundreds of crores for TDP in last 2 elections . For this simple reason YSR has targeted him . Ramesh along with Narayana Jr College owner is famous for conducting Surveys during election time . Each survey cost crores of rupees. Though CM Ramesh name is finalised , a section of leadership is said to be revolting against him . Watch out for some surprises .

CM Ramesh faced stiff fight from Mysoora Reddy , he hails from Kadapa and Yanamala Ramakrishnudu of Tuni. Both are brainy politicians . If i was asked, i wud have voted for one among the above. Mysoora Reddy is an Master strategist. If he wud have stayed in Congress party , today he wud have been Chief Minister of AP in place of Kiran Kumar. It was Mysoora Reddy who planed , designed & executed recent aggressive behavior of TDP folks in Telangana region . He is the man behind Chandrababu's Rythu-Padayatra in Telangana. Not many people knew that it was his strategy which stopped Telangana formation after 9th Dec. On that midnite when CBN called him, he suggested , TDP MLAs to enact drama of resignation . CBN followed his advice and it worked , Telangana was stalled. Somehow i strongly feel that Mysoora Reddy was not fully utilised by Chandra Babu.

Yanamala Ramakrishnudu was also considered for Rajya Sabha . He comes from Tuni, E.Godavari and he is an prominent BC leader . He is the one who does drafting of election Manifestos and party Resolutions during Mahanadu . He maintains low profile . Ramkrishnudu is an Law graduate , he is the man behind recent " not before me " drama enacted by Chandrababu in Supreme Court against YS Vijayamma petition. In simple he saved ASS of Chandrababu when High Court ordered CBI inquiry on him . His legal maneuvers in Supreme Court saved Chandrababu from going behind the bars. After recent HC order of CBI investigation , it is said that Ramakrishnudu studied in depth on the subject .


Anonymous said...

interesting. Thanks for the article.

But you need to elaborate about this CM Ramesh. How this man became so powerful and rich overnight at such a young age is very interesting.

ansar said...

What do you mean rich? he dont have any industries OR companies, He help more poor people in his town to have Houses. U have any proof that he was rich?

Anonymous said...

Ansar, look at his house in jubilee hills: