Friday, March 30, 2012

The 'One-Man-Army' of Hyderabad , Thakur Raja Singh

Hindus in Hyderabad revere him as a Hero.

The ‘One-man army’ of Shri. Thakur Raja Singh fighting
against anti-Hindu Govt., Jihadi Muslims and the so-called liberals in Hyderabad , the so called 'small Pakistan'

Chalo-Hyderabad on April 1 to participate in Sri Ram Navami Shoba Yatra .
Sri Surindra Jain 
International Sec VHP will address the gathering.

Like Mr. Tapan Ghosh of ‘Hindu Samhati’ in West Bengal and Mr. Pramod Mutalik of ‘Shriram Sena’ of Karnataka, the name of Mr. Thakur Raja Singh, municipal councilor from Mangalghat, Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad)’s will have to be taken with respect. Although Mr. Thakur Raja Singh is a worker of  so-called secular party ‘Telgu Desam’, with Mr. Chandrababu Naidu as its President, Mr. Raja Singh has nurtured fierce and active Hinduism in self. In ‘Bhagyanagar’, known as ‘Pakistan in India’, the condition of Hindus is very pathetic owing to Muslim political parties, anti-Hindu Congress and police. Hindu-hater Congress rulers and police are instructing Hindus that they should not perform ‘puja-paath’ in temples, should not ring bells in temples, they should not take out procession on ‘Shriram-Navami’, ‘they should not try to unite Hindus’ etc. The local Muslims with their ‘jihadi’ mentality have opposed procession taken out on the day of ‘Shriram-navami’. Owing to the intimidation of Muslims, Mr. Thakur Raja Singh has been implicated in a false case and arrested by the police. He is fighting, like a ‘one –man army’, against Hindu-hater Congress Government, ‘jihadi’ Muslims and the so-called liberals from his own party and own Dharma.

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Anonymous said...

Why call yourself as "One Man Army", we are your soldiers, brothers in arms, eat, live, protect the religion by your side.

What you are doing is what will be remembered after hundreds of year, when Sanatan will be the religion of the Aryavrat.

Anonymous said...

I am not on either side...what is use of sensitising issue of these morons...let us build the nation instead of getting in unuseful verbal duet

Anonymous said...

hi everyone
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Swapnil Bhosale said...

We will always need people like thakur saab, respect sirr!!!