Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ruckus over Railway Budget , Minister hacked.

Rail Budget kicked of a row between Didi and Manmohan Singh Govt. She said to be angry over Hike in ticket prices. I feel it was inevitable, reforms have to be bought into Railways, otherwise Railways too wud go Air-India way. I dont see any valid reasons behind Didi's fret of  Passengers Ticket hike. Charges are increased for first time in 10 years. Didi's outburst is sheer Politics, this is one major problem with regional partys , they lack National outlook. They do not bother about reforms or development, all they want is populism schemes. And these freebies drain the public exchequer, inturn burden the Aam-Admi . But who cares ?? This Drama of Didi, as if she if fighting for Aam-Admi , will boomerang and dent her Image. My suggestion to Didi wud be to concentrate on her own governance in her Bengal and not meddle in day to day affairs of Delhi.

In last 10 years Fuel price were increased multifold . Didi was sharing power all these years either with NDA or UPA , and she was mum over fuel increase. Lalu and Didi have done everything possible to bankrupt Railways by not hiking Ticket price . The result is we do not have enough coaches to start new trains . No new tracks nor new Trains as required . Developmental work has come to stand still . We are forced to travel with Rats and Cockroaches in Trains . Toilets are totally UnHygienic. Train accidents is now seen as an common thing. They never bothered to address these issues , but do Drama over Ticket price. Aam-Admi is bothered about these things , we lest care about nominal increase in Fares . We the passengers need Comforts and we are ready to pay. So Didi Please dont Cry on silly issues and neit her make us Cry.

Didi always been an destructive politician. Though in power she cudnt let go the feeling of an Opposition leader. She is still battling with her past. I remember how she hounded off NANO project just for the sake of 80 familes. Now she forced Railway Minister to resign with in hours of submitting the Rail Budget. Wot a Shame ! It never happens anywhere in the World. At least Prime Minister has shown some courage in protecting the incumbent Minister , after all, budget presentation is an collective decision of council of ministers , as it is presented on behalf of the Govt. The unceremonious exit of Raiway minister has hurt the ethos of Parliamentary Democracy. Prime Minister being the Leader of the House shud have saved the humiliated of his Cabinet member.

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