Monday, March 19, 2012

Election Tamasha

Yet another bypoll is over , perhaps AP holds a record for conducting more bypolls than any other state. Even Public seems to enjoy these bypolls. High turnout on a Hot day , despite thousands of Marriages on polling day is evident of the fact that people are liking the polls for obvious reasons. People need free tamasha , after Cinema and Cricket, Bypoll is one such which keep them occupied for weeks together.  Money too playing a big role in making them stand at polling booth .

In Nellore iam told Money flowed like never before . YS Jagan in Kovvur has spent Rs 30 Crore , TDP 20 Crore and Congress 20 Crore . Math calculation will tell you that each Voter received thousands of rupees from all 3 party's. So people wud love to have election every year , where wud you get paid to watch 'Tamasha' .

Betting on Party/candidate win is another arena which has outsmarted Cricket gambling. Iam told , Son of former Minister from Chittor Dist, has casted Rs 6 Crore on Nallapureddy Srinivas Reddy majority(35000). So if Jagan's candidate in Kovvuru win by 35000 or more he will earn it multifold , any less , he will forgo Rs 6 Crore .

These elections will definitely lift the spirit of electorate as they got share from the politicians loot in exchange of their vote . What electrate dont understand is by this way looters/brigands get elected . Electorate by selling their conscience for few currency notes may have to commit mass suicide for electing the wrong people . Lets wish and hope electorate get bit smarter in coming bypoll in 17 seat of Seemandhra region.

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