Monday, August 23, 2010

After Drugs racket , SeemaAndhra film personalities are now caught in prostitution by cops

 Seema-Andhraites , Drugs & Sex Racket .

After Drugs racket , SeemAndhraites are now caught in Sex racket. SeemaAndhra women including a  Heroine, related to Telugu film industry were  arrested in prostitution case in HYD's  Kundan bagh ,an p osh locality . They were caught red-handed by cops. The arrested SeemaAndhra filmi women are SairaBanu , Jyothi and few others. Look what these SeemaAndhra ppl have done to our Telangana. Every time when these Andhraites claim  about developing HYD with their money , then i always wondered HOW ? now i understand .

According to Cops the arrested Heroine Sairabanu use to charge Rs 2 Lac per nite . Luk now they can claim HYD too saying that they even sold their bodies to develop HYD. This kind of money earning cud be the one reason of SemaAndhrites demanding Hyderabad to be made 2nd capital city of India and not to be given to Telangana in case of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.
Andhra districts has a distinction of supplying large number of prostitutes to all the RED LIGHT areas in India. Looks like Prostitution is an one of Money generating Industry for SeemaAndhraites. According to Home Ministry West & East Godavari, Guntur,Vijayawada are the largest suppliers of women to  all prostitutes houses in India . To earn money and fame these SeemaAndhraites can stoop to any level .

There's common talk about SeemaAndhra families in rest of country that even bigger families send their wives to politicians , bureacrats to get some contracts or works get done . Its is also said that in SeemaAndhra if a Husband comes home and sees an ANONYMOUS pair of chappal or shoes at his door he understands someone is with his wife and not disturbing them just leaves the place to come back some time again. Thats the reason these women are seen low by the society .


Mittu said...

Tollywood heroine Saira bhanu who acted in Telugu films like, Bommarillu, Tik Tik Tik, Aaroje, 100kotlu etc., and another hot actress Jyothi also got arrested along with her by Hyderabad Task Force on the charges of prostitution. Jyothi acted in Pellam Orelithe, Gudumba Shankar, Goury etc and 9 more were arrested along with her. Police raided the house in kundanbag in Hyderabad. Police had got information from secret sources and arrested 4 more men red handedly along with Saira Bhanu and Jyothi.

Anonymous said...

do u have any idea about what u are speaking what the fuck is your problem i mean why are u talking about andhra families like they are very cheap and what not..i guess u have more idea about that as u would be doing the same thing.....take care brother there might be people listing to this.....

Anonymous said...

anna mast cheppinavey .... ee andhra na kodukulu gallez gandlu . veelu dabbu kosam yemaina chestaru .

Anonymous said...

brother u cant generalise anything based on a region , i feel you are losing dignity in your writings. I have been a regular follower of your blog but this is truly offensive.

Anonymous said...

raj bhai,

just try to go through the emotions of the females who were caught in the sex racket.

just try to imagine to what extent they have gone for their survival and for your info they are not from the castes which are ruling the telugu film industry, a matured human being like you should have thought once before writing something

Anonymous said...

I hope you were half asleep when you wrote this or your account has been hacked?

What made you write this my friend. For your information Saira Banu roots are from Tamilnadu and may be a Muslim (I guess); this does not mean all the Muslims are prostitutes.

If that is the case majority of Telangana population are Muslims. I do not know where Jyoti hails from.

Moreover you do not understand the circumstances which they went through.

If you really want to something, protest for not granting bail for Uzbek girl and religious prostitution (devadasi) systems which is still prevailing.

What it the guarantee that your ancestors would not have gone through the same phase? Do not take it personally it goes for everyone.

Please maintain dignity in your writings.


Anonymous said...

Well said bro , these seema andraite women are most characterless ones in this universe . particularly Kamma & Reddy caste women .

Anonymous said...

Yes, that way we can also say that people like only those women who are good looking, intelligent, so they are opting for Andhra people unlike the Telangana ladies who if uneducated dont even bathe for days together and smell like rats if u go near them and if they r slightly educated will be wearing so much of makeup u will feel like vomiting when u see them.

Anonymous said...

Karsevak ani peru pettukunnavu siggu leda ilanti blog run cheyyadaniki inka ilanti matalu pakkana vallani gurinchi matladadaniki?

Karsevaks ante unna maryada kooda potundi ilantivallani ilanti blogni choosinatarvata.