Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hinduism Summit in California, USA on 28th August .

Hinduism Summit in California, USA on 28th August.

|| Sree ||

Namaskar Shri Karsewak ji,

Felt very nice to see your blog and truly appreciate your devotion and service unto The Lord.

You are cordially invited to the California Hinduism Summit that will be held on Saturday, August 28th 2010 at the Sunnyvale Hindu Temple, Sunnyvale, CA, USA. Details in email below.

This event can be viewed live online (for those unable to attend in person) at:

Registration for the event should be done at the same URL.

Also, request you to please forward this invitation to your members and also feature it on your blog. Banner code is also attached with this email for you to please publish on your blog.

warm regards,
Gaurav Kathuria
Forum for Hindu Awakening,

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Anonymous said...

hindusim believes in the concept of "vasudeika kutumbam" people like u who rre narrow minded of the maximum extent possible, perverts and fanatics, who spill venom on seemandha people have no right whatseover to talk about a religion which believes in universla brotherhod.u r no better than islamic groups who are haters of all otehr religions and ysr who was a haindava dveshi.u belong to the category of hitler.he hated hews, u hate andhra people.