Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Telangana is backward , Centre exposes lies of Andhraites

Centre says 9 out of 10 dists in Telangana are backward.

The Whole of Telangana is Backward –

Union Minister Confirms in the Lok Sabha

The Central government‘s Rural development report has exposed the shameless duplicity of Andhra Politicians and Officials. It proved beyond doubt that the government development statistics provided by state government and Andhra politicians are totally false. It was not for the first time it has happened. The state administration totally dominated by andhras, since formation of Andhra Pradesh, was doctoring the information and was using it against Telangana Region. This practice has now reached to its zenith, as the state secretariat is virtually under the control of andhras. In the government Andhra ministers rule the roost and Telangana ministers play their second class role. This has relegated the hapless Telangana people in to second class citizen status in their own land

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