Friday, August 12, 2011

My Snake Dream !!!

My Snake Dream !!!

Last nite (early morning) had dreamt about snakes crawling all over me. I forgot abt this dream all this morning , just around 4-PM i suddenly remembered it , and i write to share with my readers. Earlier I use to dream of failing in exams , for years now I’ve been constantly dreaming this . Snakes , perhaps is first of its kind in my dreams in recent past .

Dream Interpreters tell that “failing in exam” dream is telling you to let go a relationship to which dreamer once was hooked to . That dream is about impressing the dreamer to forget about a dreadful bad broken relationship which Dreamer is not able to forget. Somehow I feel this interpretation could be true. I see this dream (failing in exam)  frequently , I think I have seen it few dozen times.

I was not scary s
eeing snakes in dream ,but was disgusted seeing them all over my body. I threw away all of them but the last one was sticky and was not able to pull it off. Someone (a friend i guess) pulled out the last one which was hidden below my thighs. i think none of them were poisonous but creepy ones. So all thru the Dream i dint struggle with them nor they chased me. Then I lost my sleep and I woke up , dint slept there after.

Do you know Dreams can be interpreted spiritually, every dream has its meaning. Snake in dream is usually attributed to Destruction in the Western world . It denotes transformation like Birth to Death. If I have to believe Western Spiritualism then last night dream takes me near to Death. Thats Gud News , coz in Hindu Dharma we always welcome Death with open hands. And we call it as 'Mukti or Moksha' . I'am one of those waiting for my 'Moksha'.

There is slight different Interpretation of 'Snake dream' in Hindu and Pagan philosophy. Hindus & Pagans are Nature worshippers and they believe snake as symbol of nature. In India Snakes are thus revered and are given a status on par with Gods & Goddesses . While in Western religion it is considered as "Satan" , EVIL. Do you remember Bible blaming Serpent/snake which forced Eve to eat apple and when God knows about it , he gets angry and curses Serpent, Adam and Eve for SIN. Ok Leave this theology here.

Back to my dream , so according to Hindu Dharma Snake is very much auspicious , and it termed as Lucky . I dont remember now,  but in Hindu Dharma there is separate Shastra for Dreams interpretation . Snake is auspicious and worshiped , thats the reason Snake is around the neck of Lord Shiva. Snake is believed to be the protector of  Shiva Lingas. Snake is the best companion for Lord Vishnu , he sleeps on snake bed called 'AdiSesha'. So in Hindu Dharma Shastra Snake is all good.

But Astrologically , its again a different story . As one of my closest friend is an Astrologer , I closely follow Astrology. If you are Astro-believer you too mite have heard about " Sarpa Dosa" nivarna pooja . This Dosa comes from you killing of Snake in this or past life. To be frank to you guys ,  i have killed many of Snakes during my school/college days. In India killing a snake is considered as sin. If you have killed a snake and want to get out of sin , then the only remedy is " Sarpa Dosha" pooja. Srikalahati temple is famous for this Poojas. You mite have read in newspapers that from Sachin Tendulkar to Chiranjeevi all have gone there to do Sarpa Dosha nivarana pooja , as adviced by their astrologers.

Just now I gave call to my friend who is an Astloger to see my birthchart and tell me the my Planetary position( Graha Sthiti) . But he was away and will tell me once he reaches home , possibly by late nite . Ill update about it again . The reason i want to know  is Snake is denoted to Planet-Rahu and want to cross check with Astologer of my planetry position. I think now my present running astro period is Planet- Saturn ( in telugu its Shani) . People are always scare of Saturn( Shani Graha) , they think it brings all the difficulties . Theres a thumb rule in astrology that Saturn(shani) delays the result but never denies . Totally true , Saturn(Shani) brings difficulties only to make you firm and test your capabilities.

One can never escape from Saturn(shani) in ones life . Even Lord Shiva too has borne the brunt of Saturn(shani) . It comes every seven and half years and stays for same period in ones life ,  in India it is called as  'Saade Saath Shani' .

Ok Fine , back to my Dream analysis , I remember my present Planet to be Saturn(shani) and Shani is in his own house in my Birthchart. I remember Lakshmana Chary ( he too knows Astrology) telling me that Saturn(shani) in my Birthchart is in Uchch Staan(Upper plane) , and i'll be always benefited during Saturn(shani) period . So that way the last nite Snake Dream can be beneficial and lucky.

Until now We have discussed Western(Bible) , Indian (Hindu Shastra) and Astrology . Now let me refresh all your memories about our Older generation prophesies on DREAMS . If you have Granny , you mite remember she telling you all about the possible happenings of  Dreams . Our Older generation tell us that all our Dream will comes true with out fail. If you remember they might have told you that those Dreams you dream in early mornings will come true very soon .

I'am thankful to older generation  who told me about the importance of dreams . They say a Night is divided into 4 parts . First dream in first quarter of night will come true in 1st Year , 2nd Dream of second quarter in 6 months , 3rd Dream in 3months and Last one which we dream just before we woke up in early morning will come true in 1 month . If the above division is to be believed , My snake dream shud come true in one month . What iam thinking is what will it bring it for me ? Will it be Lucky or Destructive?Death or Telling me to do 'Sarpa Dosha' nivarna pooja . All I can do now is wait and watch as my Destiny unfolds in next one month . Guyz , Watch this page , ill be updating you .
P.S : ( The above write-up is just my analysis and not my belief . So do not attribute my write-up in total or partially to me . I neither totally subscribe to what i wrote above nor I discard it completely. )

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