Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seemandhra Plutocrats "Quit Telangana"

 August 9th 'Quit India' day. Another August Revolution is happening on the soil of Telangana for Self Rule. We in One Voice tell Seemandhraites to "Quit Telangana" . From August 9th-17th, Telanganaites will protest in front of Seemandhra plutocrat houses and tell them in a language they understand about "QUIT TELANGANA".
All these years everything I believed about Seemandhra niceties is a big LIE . All their Niceties are big Sham. They Robed us of everything and profited from the loot . So now we have risen to the truth od their barbarity and decided to wage a war of "Quit Telangana" . I have seen enough atrocities & Plunder of our livelihood by Seemandhra Invaders .  Now. I pledge to fight till my last breath against Seemandhra- BRIGANDS .
To Stay in Telangana , Chant 'Jai Telangana' or else 'Quit Telangana' !!! 

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Rahul said...

many of my friends expressed their opinions on interview of ktr. but i feel that kcr is real hero of telangana. in tdp govt. then assembly speaker yanamala ramakrishnudu not allowed the word 'telangana' to speak in assembly. now see the change. from last 60 years andhra andhra industrialists occupied hyderabad. andhra intellectuals insulted telangana culture and heritage and also history and language of telangana. who gets benifits by samykyandra. only andhra industriallists. there is no movement in the world run for samykyam. people always fought for freedom from the dectators. telangana people also fighting to save their language, history, and also to save the future generation. because the future generation cannot get jobs in samykya andra. we want water with canals. we want telangana secretariat. we want telangana ias and ips officers. so seperate state only solution. today state secretariat is loaded with andra intellectuals. so day by day telangana is going to dark ness. thanks to kcr and kavithakka for saving telangana vadam. kavithakka doing a lot. she started bhathukamma. now every telangana woman in villages and towns playing bhathukamma with proudly. what happend to heavy irrigation projects.govt saying one lakh crores invested for water projects in telangana. but how many hectors getting water. what happend to devadula and pranahitha. these projects are not able to completed. because they are not useful in future. crores of money wastage.