Monday, August 29, 2011

Seemandhra Govt waste Telangana water into sea

Seemandhra Govt, instead of diverting flood water to Lower Manair Dam, has opened the gates of SRSP to waste the water into Ocean. SRSP is full with 90% of water level, and Only 20% of Water is available in LMD . Govt cud have diverted flood water thru Kakatiya Flood Canal into LMD . That cud have benefited 8 Lakh acres of agriculture land. Cruel Seemandhra Admin not wanting Telangana farmers to benefit opened the gates of SRSP and wasted water into Ocean.

Even Britishers were not so cunning and cruel as Seemandhra Plutocrats. over 1.50 Lakh Cusecs of flood water was thrown into Ocean . Even if half of the water was allowed to be utilised thru LMD, farmers of 3 districts (KNR, WGL, NLG) wud have benefited.

River Krishna and Godavari goes thru Telangana , and we have no right over its Water . Disgusting state of affairs. We shud make Seemandhraites understand our pain , for that we shud pay them back in same way. I am waiting for that day when we will make them kneel for every drop of Krishna & Godavari water. That day is not far. All my sufferings , Injuries , Pain , Insults will be paid back .

Mirchi-fy Seemandhra Plutocrats
Pepper-fy Seemandhra Plutocrats
Cruci-fy Seemandhra Plutocrats

They robed our coal , land , water, mines , jobs . Now they started robing our basic right to live . This is the reason we fight for a separate state.

Save Tenagana Natural Resources !!!

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