Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Atrocities continue on Telangana people in Samaikyandhra

So much of 'SamaikyaAndhra' love for their fellow Telugu speaking Telangana people. Two Newly appointed Govt lecturers (G. Prasuna & P.Dharmender) hailing from Telangana region who got posting at Kadapa Deg Coll , were threatened and hounded out even before they join the services by 'SamaikyaAndhra' activists. Their claim was Telangana people have no right to work in Seemandhra. Now Tell me who are behaving like TALIBANS ??? Why Media & settlers are calm now ? Dint they made a huge hue N cry when some "lifeless" statues were demolished on Tank Bund ?

This incident is not an isolated issue , in Vishaka localites constantly attack Hindi - Speaking people, the result is many of them fled Vizag . in Krishna Dist an Telangana pregnant woman who was on pilgrimage, was kicked for the reason she was traveling in a car which has "Jai Telangana " sticker on it . Satyanarayana a Bus Conductor from Nalgonda was attacked by fellow RTC employees inside Vijayawada Bus depot. An B.Ed student from Warangal who got admission in Andhra University was beaten , robed and forcefully made him to take TC and leave. Even poor laborers who move in search of livelihood too were hounded by seemandhra people.

These dreadful incidents happen on regular basis , and you still expect us to live with you in " United Andhra Pradesh " ?? No, Never !! No self respect person wud agree .


కమనీయం said...

I have also read that a chemistry lecturer from SrikaSkulam was prevented from joining in Mulug college.Both events are deplorable.Sensible people should condemn such incidents wherever they occur and authorities should take firm action to prevent such things.

deepak said...


sri sri sri kalwakuntla chandrashekhar rao gaaru
bhago andhra wale ani undaka poyi undunte kadapalo aa sanghatana jarigeda???