Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Tweets on Chandra Babu Naidu Rowdy Yatra in Telangana

Chandra Babu Naidu tastes the fury of Telangana.

If AfzalGuru abetted Terrorists in Parliament attack, Seemandhra Terrorist Naidu led attack on #Telangana . Both deserves capital punishment.

If Kasab is Desh Drohi then CHI ANDHRA Babu is #Telangana Drohi , both live/move in Police protection, wasting tax payers money .

CHI ANDHRA Babu tours #Telangana taking along Samaikyavadi leaders Kodela Sivaprasad & Karanam Balram . SHAME on Telangana TDP Leaders.

Did you notice as Andhra goondas were attacking #Telangana ppl, Andhra Settlers were MUTE ??? These Andhra Settlers are one big Trojan Horse.

Chandra Babu Naidu says he is neither for #Telangana or #Visalandhra , he is neither Man nor Woman . TDP is party of Eunuchs .

CHI ANDHRA Babu spent Crores of Rs,Bought 7000Goondas in his 700 Veh Convoy,took help of 5000Police just made 3Km of Padayatra in #Telangana

Foxy Chandra Babu's Rowdy Yatra has angered #Telangana youth, now they may think to teach Andhra settlers a lesson on par with Million March.

A #Telangana student asked "If we had Naxalites, wud Chanra Babu had dared to attack us". I kept quite. Disillusioned Youth may go to Maoism.

Shud Telangana abandon the political peaceful protests for achieving seperate state ?? is it now time for #Telangana to take up ARMS ???

Nara Narakasura Naidu adores new avatar of Kasim Razvi and TDP Men are neo-Razakars in #Telangana.

Foxy CHI ANDHRA Babu is not in favour of formation of #Telangana state , it is now evident from the act of Violence he unleashed today.

#Telangana TDP leaders are so shameless that they will sell their families to Nara Narakasura Naidu for posts and seats .

Nara Narakasura Naidu exhumed the deadbody of Telugu Desam &toured with it in #Telangana, tries to impress masses that the dead TDP is alive .

Ppl wants to know frm Nara Narakasura Naidu that in the name of Rythu Yatra how many Crores has he spent to see the blood of #Telangana ites.

Dear Nara Narakasura Naidu you mite complete touring #Telangana with 5000 Policemen & 3000 SA Goondas,but you can never win our Hearts again.

A poor bystander was bought to Nara Narakasura Naidu 4camera clicks, seeing Goondas & Policemen he was shivering wit folded hands #Telangana

WGL court orders Police to book Case aganst Nara Narakasura Naidu &others under Sec 153-A, 420, 504 IPC for abetting Violence in #Telangana

Entire yatra of Nara Narakasura Naidu is outsourced , not one farmer is seen in his padayatra . Only Pass holders are allowed. #Telangana

There is no sign of single farmer in Nara Narakasura Naidu. Even Farmers r fake ones trained &bought frm outside to pose cameras #Telangana

If Seemandhra TDP leaders are Goondas, Factionists, Pimps, Brokers then #Telangana TDP leaders are just #EUNUCHS .

Nara Narakasura Naidu shud know that just by tying a scarf around head one does not become a Rythu bandhu #Telangana

Last Nite WGL SP Rajesh Kumar & Seemandhra DGP Dinesh Reddy enacted cheap Drama of issuing Notices to Nara Narkasura Naidu #Telangana

Cases filed against TDP MLA Mynampally in Aler under Sec 305, 307 for his role in attacks during Nara Narkasura Naidu #Telangana Rowdy Yatra

Funny Scene:In absence of Farmers in Lakshmakapalli, Nara Narakasura Naidu is seen waving to TDP workers bought from outside area #Telangana

All the men aged between 15years to 50 years are arrested in surrounding villages where Nara Narkasura Naidu begins his Padayatra #telangana

Despite Police and Goondas bandobust Nara Narkasura Naidu fear to get down the vehicle & start his much publicised Rytu padayatra #Telangana

Police and Seemandhra TDP Goondas have attacked, beaten, tasted blood of #Telangana people just for an fancy trip of Nara Narkasura Naidu

Villagers in Laksmakpali protested Nara Narkasura Naidu visit to their village by putting LOCK outside their doors& Stayed inside

Despite 5000 Policemen &3000 TDP Goons protecting Nara Narkasura Naidu,is so shaken that he canceled Padayatra &resumes for Lunch

Shaken Nara Narkasura Naidu canceled Rythu padayatra at Lakshmakapalli now move in convoy to Chennurs Mango farm house for Lunch

Nara Narkasura Naidu choose isolated villages & which are less habituated for his Rowdy Yatra 2 save his skin from any protests

Old aged women came out in gud numbers seen cursing Nara Narkasura Naidu for his Rowdy Yatra in

Nara Narakasura Naidu to become Hero in Seemandhra region has bought Seemandhra goondas to beat and see the blood of ppl

Why Nara Narakasura Naidu need Revolvers, Hunting Knives, Mirchi Powder, Stones, Sticks for Rythu Yatra? Is LAW not same for all?

Let DGP tell world how many Revolvers/Pistols in Nara Narakasura Naidu convoy has Licence.Did the SA Govt gave Licence 2 KILL ppl

As part of secret pact with #Visalandhra CM Kiran Kumar Reddy, Nara Narakasura Naidu continues his Rowdy Yatra in amidst protests

Not one "Pancha kattu or Dhoti" worn Farmer seen in Naidu Rythuyatra. Drycleaned,shining White N White dressed men surround Naidu

Warangal Sup Of Police Rajesh Kumar shud be imm suspended for allowing attacks on native #Telangana ppl by Nara Narakasura Naidu goondas

Nara Narakasura Naidu Moves with 6 DSPs,44 CIs,177 SIs, 5000 state Police, RAF/ CRPF batallions, Bomb/Dog Squads& 3000 TDP goons. #telangana

TDP activists bought frm outside got trained& poseing as Farmers, Nara Narakasura Naidu willtalk 2these fake farmers& pose 4media #Telangana

Trees were cut and thrown on way to Lakshmakkapalli , Nara Narakasura Naidu facing huge protest , convoy stopped . #Telangana

FLASH : #Telangana activists protest again and Nara Narakasura Naidu convoy stopped again at Devurappal village

Its an Inavsion of by Nara Narakasura Naidus Seemandhra Dandu and Police Dandu . Fight Telangana Fight !!!

Scores of Women daily wage labourers attack with Eggs, chappals and rotten Tomatoes at Nara Narakasura Naidu convoy near Nawabeta

Factionists bought from Rayalaseema found carrying Revolvers and Hunting Knives (Veta kodavalu) in Nara Narakasura Naidu convoy.

Nara Narakasura Naidu's 700 vehicles convoy is still got hold up outside Nawabapeta . Scores of activists are holding the bastion

Clear Video Clips of Policemen breaking Glass panes of Vehicles are now streamed on TV Channels #Telangana #StateViolence

"Flash Mob" of #Telangana activists descend again at Nawabpeta outskirts , Nara Narakasura Naidu convoy stopped .

50 people are seriously hurt in attack by Nara Narakasura Naidu Seemandhra Goondas , few of them are in serious condition . #Telangana

Trees were cut and thrown on Roads by #telangana activists . Nara Narakasura Naidu Convoy stopped at Nawabpet

Its a WAR between Seemandhra Rakshasas and Deva Putras .

ABVP,BJP volunteers turn up heavily on to streets& are still fighting pitched battle with Police & Nara Narakasura Naidu goondas. #Telangana

Revolver found in Nara Narakasura Naidu convoy,its believed 700 strong vehicle convoy is filled wit stones,sticks & HuntingKnives #Telangana

Heavy Stone Pelting in Jangaon Cowrastha , despite 1500 policemen stationed here , thousands of #Telangana students came on to streets

2000 "Flash Mob" of #Telangana students have come on to streets of Jangaon shocks Police and TDP leaders . Heavy laticharged continues

Police arrest TDP men from Nara Narakasura Naidu convoy who was carrying Revolver . WAR ON by Seemandhra Plutocrats

Why DGP is not checking the 500 vehiclesof Nara Narakasura Naidu convoy which are filled wit stones,sticks,weapons and liqour???

Rowdy sheeters from Hyd, Factionist men from Seema & Kamma youth from coastal Andhra are now part of Nara Narakasura Naidu convoy

Nara Narakasura Naidu stopped again at Peddakandukoor by activists . MLA Mynampati goons attacked the protesters with sticks

Hundreds of TDP henchmen bought from Seemandhra have now reached Pembarti to welcome Nara Narakasura Naidu . #Telangana 

Women in Bhongir & Aler have now come out in large numbers into streets are marching towards Police stations to gherao officers . #Telangana

Nara Narakasura Naidu convoy stopped again at vangapalli , heavy stones pelted from both sides , few dozens of #Telangana activist arrested

Just In : 2Km long Nara Narakasura Naidu convoy was stopped by #Telangana protesters near Yadgirigutta nalgonda Dist. Hundreds of arrests.

Just like Rakshasa buddi, Nara Narakasura Naidu moves wit Bomb/Dog Squads,Police/RAF&CRPF batallions & 3000 goondas to harass #Telangana ppl

Acc' to Media reports Nara Narakasura Naidu is escorted by 3000 goons in 500 strong convoy. This is how he wanna Win hearts of #Telangana ??

Chandra Babu sourced 5000 henchmen from Seemandhra to guard him in . #Visalandhra Govt has given Licence To Kill to these goons

Doctors, RTC Workers,Traders,Auto Drivers,Govt Emp of Palakurti region where Naidu will start his yatra hv decided to boycott him

According to one source TDP has already grounded nearly 5000 party workers and goondas from Seemandhra into Warangal dist.

All Seemandhra leaders (Naidu+Kiran+Jagan) have come together and declared WAR on the people of .

For whims of one Seemandhra leader , enitre Warangal district has been converted into a jail. Is this Democracy ??

Nara 'Narakasura' Naidu is so shaken seeing people coming out to protest his 500 strong convoy has now changed his Road Route

Seemandhra Leaders( Naidu+Kiran+Jagan) Unite , when it come to crush .

Huge Police protection in for Naidu. 1SP, 2AdSP's, 15 DSP's, 44 CIs, 177 SI's, 2 RAF Platoons, 1 CRPF Batallion , 7000 constables

activists houses raided ,Thousands of arrests begun from midnight, right from Hyderabad to Warangal district .

TDP CB Naidu the Neo-Md Gahzini started his Dandayatra on . Osmania Students obstructed his convoy , Police Teargas students .

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