Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shalom Israel ! Shalom Mossad ! For making Free-World safe.

Remains of car in which Iranian nuclear scientist was killed .

Shalom Israel ! Shalom Mossad !! It is alleged that Iran Nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan has been eliminated by Israel Spy agents in Tehran . For some time Iran has taken up building Nuclear Bombs , which cud have jeopardized geo-political situation in Middle East. Iran is always seen as ROGUE country by free-world. The assassinated scientist work cud have led to Nuclear War in the region. My Understanding of this assassination is that in coming days Israel may Bomb Irans nuclear site , then it wud be very hard for Iran to build Nuclear weaponry with out able Scientists.

Killed Scientist is known to the World as Chemistry Professor , iran took all precautins to hide him from the World. The fact was he was the Director of Irans Nuclear Program . This Scientist has armed Gunmen protection 24/7 . His car is regularly checked before start  for any Bombs being planted in it by his bodyguards . On that fateful day , it is reported that , Israel Spy agents have used Magnet enabled Bomb and placed it on his car when it stopped at Traffic Junction . With in 9 seconds it blown had a impact on passengers by killing them on spot. It is also reported that Israel Spy agents were observing Scientist house secretly for months from a safe house.

This assassination bought shivers in the spine of American President Obama . WSJ reports that , the minute Obama knew about it , he took the phone and called Israel Prime minister to know the facts . Obama is such an Idiot , if at all Israel has done it , will it accept the crime. This Obama is Dumbest than Jr-Bush.

What I fail to understand is , why Indian Paid-Media has not reported the assassination incident. Israel has been friendly ally of India . I wud like to refresh readers memory that it was Israel who has supported technically during KARGIL War. Fact is India was losing Kargil War untill Israel jumped in with its Men & Equipment. When Indian flight from nepal was Hijacked by Jihadis to Kandhar during Vajpayee regime , it was Israel which came forward to assist us in Commando Operation. It was Vajpayee's National Security Advisor Brijesh Mishra who under Influence of American-CIA has sabotaged the Commando Operation, in saving Air-India Passengers in Kandhar. And bought Shame in making India surrender to Terrorists demands.

India is so much indebted to Israel . So once again Shalom Israel ! Shalom Mossad !! For making Free World safe and teaching Rogue nation a Lesson .

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