Thursday, January 12, 2012

Telangana under Attack , Perpetrators are Seemandhra Plutocrats

Is it a clever ploy by KCR to allow YSJagan into Telangana or it will be Suicidal ? KCR cleverly buried TDP deep in the region where any resurrection of it in near future is impossible . Now to Kill - Congress in Telangana , he engaged YS Jagan. Until now Sonia Gandhi was happy that coz of Telangana movement both of her prominent rivals (Jagan & CBN) were restricted to only Seemandhra region. In such situation she thought her party will be major force with Congress wings spread equally in both the region. This understanding , perhaps made her to postpone any decision on Telangana . Now with KCRs clever ploy of allowing Jagan & CBN into Telangana with minimum resistance, will for sure ring danger bells in Congress camp.
Everytime a Seemandhra leader takes out an fancy yatra in Telangana , we have to live in fear of Rowdy attacks and State Violence. Untill now, YS Jagan failed to evoke any response from Telanganaites for his Rythu Deeksha. But got good support from Andhra Settlers living in Nizamabad & Adilabad Dists. Before YS Jagan entry into Telangana, TDP eyed 20+ Lakh Settler Votes in 10 Dists. TDP is now crying, as it has to share Settler votes with YS Jaganmohan Reddy.
KCR Gameplan works, with YS Jagan entry, Congress see threat in YSRCP. Congress loses its strong Vote-Bank, entire Christian community and section of Reddy's will change their loyalty to YS Jagan party. Christians in Telangana are nearly 6-8% of total electorate and were hard core supporters of SoniaG & Congress since ages . YS Jagan being Chistian fanatic and entire Church behind him, he will rob entire Cristian Vote bank from Cong. 
After Chandra Babu Naidu  Rowdyism on Telanganaites , now YS Jagan  march to do Sit-In in Armoor , Nizamabad Dist with his Factionists/Rowdies bought from Rayalseema protected by thousands of Policemen to show Seemandhra supremacy over Natives .
Chandra Babu for his Warangal Rythu yatra spent Crores of rupees , took the help of Chief Minister/DGP , 1 SP , 2 Adl SP's , 8 DSP's , 54 CI's , 177 SI's , 5000 constables , 300 Women Constables , 2 Battalion of RAF , 1 Company of CRPF , Black Cat Commandos , Bomb Squad , Dog Squad , Rope Party , Quick Response Team , bought 7000 Goondas from Guntur-Prakasam and other areas and with all these Jamboree he made just 3 km (instead of 14 Km as publicised) of Rythu- Padayatra in Telangana. Almost same numbers  were seen during YS Jagan Deeksha in Armoor . Wot a way to win the Hearts of Natives ??
And our "Andhra Settlers" are Mute to all this aggression only proves that they are the 'Trojan Horse'.

Remember Telangana , History tells us "City-of-Troy" lost the War to Greeks not coz of Greek War-Men bravery, but coz of Trozan-Horse Op . I fear not of Chandra Babu or YS Jagans aggression on us , but iam apprehensive of support they get from coverts & Andhra-Settlers. Beware, Today we have many Trozan Horses moving around freely in Telangana.