Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Million March for Telangana @ HYD, 10 March around Tank Bund from 1Pm-4Pm

March For Freedom
Million March Around Tank Bund Hyderabad
10th March From 1Pm-4PM
Join In Ten's Of Thousands

Telanganites have diluted Million March to HYD to ease the tensions. But Govt is trying to crush it by taking hundreds of activists into preventive custody thus provoking the agitators. 11 Girls from KU were taken into preventive custody yesterday. Have you ever heard University Girl students being arrested to prevent attending a meeting. This doesnt even happen in Pakistan or Afghanistan. "This is SAMAIKYA-ANDHRA " . No matter what the provocation is from Seemandhra Police , I request all the Marchers to maintain PEACE and bear any State Brutality , if unleashed . Court arrest where ever you are stopped. Lets MARCH towards our goal unitedly.
This State Oppression will be paid back , but this is not right time as our students are attending their annual exams. Beware Seema-Andhra Plutocrats , For sure there will be an IMPACT . 

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hasnat said...

i must say that Prohibitory orders banning the assembly of four or more persons have been imposed in Hyderabad and Cyberabad police commissionerates were totally illegal and also were unconstitutional.
hasnat shah