Tuesday, March 29, 2011

YSR brother, Seemandhra Minister does a rowdy act in assembly

 YSR brother  displays his family skills by attacking MLAs in Assembly.

Seemandhra Minister and YSR brother looks like have taken a secret pride in giving State Assembly a “new low”. His “new low” has tumbled from his family history when he hurled abuses and slapped opposition MLAs in State Assembly . Stopping this Seemandhra  Minister  has become really tough for Oppostiom MLA’s in the house.  YSR’s brother, now an Agriculture Minister got furious when TDP MLAs levied corruption charges during YSR regime . TDP MLAs were protesting with placards which read ‘ YSR & Gang of thieves looted AP’ . This was enough for our Rowdy brother of YSR to budge violently into Opposition benches and slap the TDP MLA’s. Not stopping at that , was heard shouting ‘Bastard’ (in telugu) quite a number of times . With his actions he has once again publicly depicted his family’s rowdy character.

Telangana activist who hit JP was arrested next day and sent to jail . Now same standards should me maintained , YS Vivekananda Reddy too should be behind the bars . Is Justice (Law) different to Seemandra and Telangana ??  Lets see what Seemandhra Govt will do ??? Where are SeemaAndhra-Pseudo Intellectuals who cried on top of the voice, when JP was attacked . Is this attack inside the house by a Minister, not the Black Day for them?? Why Seemandhra media is silent over the issue?? Why no spl debate , discussions on TV, why no repeated telecast of attack for days together ??? Why these Double Standards???  Why Deputy Speaker  who deliberately have leaked the footage of Telangana MLAs obstructing Governor’s address is silent now , why this sinful attack on MLA and filthy language footage is not released to media???  For sure now LAW is different to Telanganaites and Seemandhraites .  If this is the vulgar display of partisan by an constitutional head , what Justice would be done to ordinary TG people under ‘Samaikya Andhra’ ???
Never in the History of India has ever happened that a cabinet minister has behaved rudely and physically attacked opposition MLAs in the State Assembly. He should be reprimanded for his Rowdy behavior and disqualified from contesting any elections for next 6 years . Before that, an FIR should be lodged with the Police and this Rowdy Minister should be immediately arrested. This minister is from the infamous Factionist YSR family. Just like his Late Factionist- Rowdy brother, he exhibited their family skills on the floor of the state assembly.  Like his Factionist brother YSR, he is disgrace to democracy .  The abuses YS Vivekananda Reddy hurled were very objectionable and disgusting, even an villager dare not to utter those in public arena . But our  Seemandhra Minister  have mastered those abuses and had no shame using on the floor of the house . Only someone from YSR family is capable of doing it .

My Impression is that he shud be given Public punishment , govt shud ask him to clean the public toilets in Bus/Railway stations for a week . If iam allowed , ill make this Rowdy Minister clean the toilets used by Bihari’s(Update: No offense meant), that way, he will remember the stink for life time.

When LOKal  SATTA JP was attacked , SeemaAndhra Idiots made hue N cry over the safety of their piglets in Telangana . Now what guarantee we Hyderabadi have when Seemandhra ministers are behaving like street rowdies inside Assembly by abusing and attacking fellow colleagues ?? Its we Hyderabadi’s now feel sorry for allowing these Goondas to stay in our city . Now time has come to make these culture-less SA-elite  to be packed and kicked into their Seemandhra.

In Hyderabad crime rate has increased in multi fold and most of the crimes are committed by these Seemandhra elite infiltrators . Drug culture Faction killings which were unknown till few years back is now happening on regular basis. Drugs, prostitution, hawala scams, financial fraud, corporate frauds , domestic girl maids sexually targeted, gay culture, wife/ husband swapping, land grabbing, faction killings, casteism , creating religious rifts, Night club  parties &  dark acts, ... etc . Most of the above crimes are the result of these elite Seemandhra Infiltrators.

 Hyderabad had a Brand value until these Seemandhra Infiltrators have arrived .  These people are so characterless that to earn money or to get work done they send their Women, Wine, Wealth to win over you or to buy your silence . It is better for us to cleanse our historic HYD city from these malicious pests , Sooner the better. For last one month Telangana MLAs are boycotting the session , and thus now its just an SeemAndhra Assembly . T-JAC Kodandaram’s  call to perform “Pinda Pradanam” (Last rituals) to AP assembly now stands justified .

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Common Hindu said...

"My Impression is that he shud be given Public punishment , govt shud ask him to clean the public toilets in Bus/Railway stations for a week . If iam allowed , ill make this Rowdy Minister clean the toilets used by Bihari’s , that way, he will remember the stink for life time."

what happened
why r u using Bihari's name here???