Saturday, March 12, 2011

Telangana washes off symbols of Seemandhra Oppression

Telangana washes off symbols of Seemandhra Oppression .

Telangana washes off Symbols of Seemandhra oppression into Husain Sagar . Remembering Lord(?) Hanuman's Brave act, Telanganites too did an Symblolic "Lanka Dahanam" to teach Seemandhra 'Ravanasura Jaat'i a Lesson.
The much awaited “Million March” by Telangana –JAC turned to be a Grand Success . Even after turning entire Telangana region in Jail by arresting over a Lakh TG activist seemandhra police coud not stop the Heroes from reaching the spot.  I was on Tank Bund on this Historical Day , I estimate the turnout to be near to 1 Lakh. T-Masses have to face lot of hardships breaking police barricades all the way to reach Tank Bund . At last all succeeded much to the strong commitment of Telangan people

Tank Bund and areas around Liberty , Seemandhra Secretariat resembled Egypt Cairo’s Tahrir Square as thousands of Telanganites lay siege the area. To reach Telangana people have clash with Seemandhra Police and break the barricades , which led to total chaos and sent Police action plan into haywire . People carrying Placards , Waving Indian Tiranga Flag , clapping, chanting slogans outsmarted the Seemandhra Administration.

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While u were on tankbund witnessing the so called million march japan was witnessing its worst day.u must have shown atleast a single line of sympathy in ur post.