Thursday, March 10, 2011

Telangana is conevrted into Jail by Seemandhra Ploice

 Telangana is crushed under the feet of Seemandhra Police.

Telanganites Wake Up and fight against Seemandhra "State Violence" (Rajya Himsa) . Under Seemandhra regime our basic rights to protest is also taken away and State Terror is unleashed on us. Dear Telanganites March in Tens of Thousand today to Tank Bund and show your commitment for the cause of Telangana State formation. 

 Dear Telanganites, its time to face the might of Seemandhra Plutocrats . To Save Telangana from EVIL of Seemandhra , its time you better WAKE-UP & FIGHT  now, before it its too Late. If you can stand up and fight, no one can Underestimate your POWER. and STRENGTH . Don’t wait for any Saviour to come in your way to save you and your men. Identify yourself , You are the Savior , on whose shoulders lie the responsibility of saving his people and culture . If you have to DIE today , then Die fighting this barbaric Seemandhra Tyranny . What else a Man demand other than dying  fighting for his Mother Land .

Today whole of Telangana is turned into Jail by Seemandhra Police to curb “Million March” call by T-JAC. By now more than one lakh TG activists are arrested. Hyderabad City is literally transformed into a fortress by erecting barricades and checkposts. Almost 40 Express & passenger trains were canceled to stop people coming to to Hyderabad . Buses coming from districts are also cancelled . Local trains which are nerve center for city transportation has been cancelled by police . No where in the world one might have seen such a "State oppression" (Rajya Himsa) .

 Is this democratic country , dont we have freedom to assemble peacefully at one place to protest ??? Civil rights are applicable to Seemandhraites but not to 4 Crore Telangana people. This is worst than an Hitleraite era. Even Hitler wud have thought twice before unleashing such a "State Terror" on natives . Seemandhra Plutocrats will face our rage , we vow now to pay them back . Seemandhrites , Beware Hitleraite dimensions will have Hitleraite fate. Today I along with Ravi and other are marching to Tank Bund to participate in "Million March" . I vow, that even single drop of Telanganite blood falls today in HYD , a serious catastrophe will engulf Seemandhra plutocrats . 

 ట్యాంక్ బండ్  మాది రా ... ఖైరతబాదు  మాది రా
కుకతపల్లి  మాది రా  .... సికందరాబాదు మాది రా
హైదరబాద్ మాది రా ... యావత్తు తెలంగాణా మాది రా
సీమంద్రోడు  యేంది రా .... వాడి  రాజ్య హింస  యేంది రా
ఈస్క జులుం క్యా రే ... ఏ జాలిం కౌన్ రే 

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satyam said...

anna seemandrodiki gunde guddi cheppinatlu vunnavi nee kavithalu hats of you