Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26 Kargil Vijay Diwas

The Pakistani Army puts up a white flag and accepts the slain bodies of its officers in this damning video. Pakistan lost more than 4000-6000 soldiers in the Kargil war, while India lost 500 soldiers. Pakistan generally disowned the bodies of most of its soldiers but accepted a few senior officers.

Let the Bharath Varsh be blessed with Victory for ever . Victory to Indian Military , and I congratulate all my fellow citizens and the Free World on auspicious day of Kargil Vijay Diwas. This was the day whem my brave Armed men won a War over infilitrators at Kargil . Million thanks to Israel and my Jewish Bandhu's for their technical support to Indian Military during the Kargil war, which has saved many lives of Indian Army at Kargil . This kind gesture of our Jewish Bhandus will be for sure reciprocated by Indians . Israel we Owe you One .

This day I remember the sacrifices made by Indian Jawans who laid down their Lives for the freedom of BharathMata . My homages to such Shaeed's who gave their today for our Tomorrow.

My brave Shaheed Jawans I bow to you for the courage you have shown at the battelfield , your sacrifice will always find its place in history and people will sing your song of Heroism.

Oh my Shaheed Jawans you were as brave as Abhimanyu . You have walked into Padmavyuham like Abhimanyu and fought like Him. For this Bravery We salute you and Bow to you . I Pray to Bharath Mata to bestow her blessings on you and may you all be born again on this Holy Land yet again .

Its the time to teach Porkistan(pakistan) a lesson for their misadventures . Beware Porkistani, you understand squarely that we loved our Jawans the minute they were born till you have killed them . We will avenge their deaths , Bharat Mata willing we will hoist Tri-Color Flag in Islamabad and all over Pakistan . And Pakistan will be erased from the Map forever .

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