Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rain , Woe-man and Romance

O' Vaana Padithe -Film : Merupu Kalalu.

Its Raining since morning in this part of the city. Its so Romantic & great feeling when you woke up to this kind of weather. The problem with Rainy season is , trips to restroom increases :) . If you are at work place, Imagine walking 10 times the Aisle to restroom and being watched every time by those dozens of weary eyes, it can sometimes make you sick and stop you from going for a Leak-Out ....lolllll

Rainy days can be womens worst nightmare(Ladies, correct me if iam wrong) . Since the day of Evolution Rain and Woe-man(woman) are biggest rivals . Men have little woes compared to Woe-Men during Rain fall . They can easily find a shelter and never care who’s standing next to him, its not so easy for Woman .

 Above all Rain bring fears of washing away her thick  make up which in turn expose the ugly face ( Ladies, fun intended here , no offence meant ) .  A woman spends hours together in front of mirror to apply tons of make-up to look beautiful;) . Her hours of efforts goes washed the minute sky open the taps .

A small misjudgement while passing by the way may land her costly high heeled Chappals with less sole grip to slip splashing in puddle and the dirt that rise spoil her costly designer lower garment . I have seen at least a dozen women in my lifetime with high heels, losing the grip on roads or on wet slippery indoors and falling on their butt. Above all she is always concerned of droplets that can make her glowing scented hair turn frizzy and ruin, which she made it to best looking, visiting a up-market hair stylist. Not want to being get raped this way by nature, they feel safer to stay indoors.

Women love Rain if they have Umbrellas . During my Journey to work this morning , I have seen women on streets proudly sporting all kinds/colours/sizes of umbrella much to envy of Men . I have seen all kinds of Umbrellas sizes, ranging from small/medium/large and over sized ones. Colours  from black, red, orange, blue, diff mixed colours , flowers printed and many. Some were of longer ones with size of walking stick , some were  foldable , remaining were the size of palm .

Men have only one prob during Rainy season .  Most of the men feel its Oldish or Girlish to sport umbrella and thus prefer Jerkin. Where as Jerkin cover only  small part of the body , and this shyness of not using Umbrella make them to sit all the day at work with a wet underwear. Still men shy away using Umbrellas .

I dunno  if ever these will stand to heavy blow-out of squalls. Iam not doubting Umbrellas standing up to wind blow outs, Iam more worried about these dieting “ size Zero” thin luking modern day fashionable Girls, during high winds . Will their(size Zero Girls) feet hold to ground during high winds ?? may be all these “size Zero” ladies shud keep some extra weights in their pockets and bags from being blown away.

Not just for Humans , Water is an element of Romance even to Animals . Watch male –female of any species in Rain , they turn romantic and ready for an playful session . This animal thing of liking water/rain is  profoundly seen in Men & Women equally.

The above write-up does not validate that all the Girls hate Rain . Nope,  even though they have some hardships , they too love this season.  They feel its too romantic . Most of the hit romantic songs in Bolly/Tollywood or picturised on women playing in Rain.  All filmy Rain songs have atleast one kissing scene  and Indian girls always relate their life to Movies . To be frank its Movies & Novels which made Girls believe Rain, as a Romantic one.  

Guyz , If you have an Girl-Friend and never kissed her before , and dying to steal one from her, then this is the season to take a chance . Girls Love being kissed in Rain . They feel its romantic. Guyz , I guarantee you , its an fool proof and age old tested formula, dare for it and go for your  KISS while its Raining . No Girl will ever say No.  One has to be watchful , do it in lighter Rain , not when its flooding . If its not raining and your heart is longing for it then the couple can ‘reconstruct’ the rainy scene under shower ;)

While writing this piece a friend called me over my mobile , an simple courtesy call . Asked me what Am i doing , xplained him about this write up . For a moment he disagreed with me and said kissing in rain is nice but not a heaven kind of feel .

 To prove my point I told him to close his eyes and concentrate on my words . I asked him to Imagine a passionate kiss under open sky while its Raining. Hold the hands of Girl (defi not the wife’s ;) ) of your liking , and just then water (rain) drops over her scented silky hair making it wet and passing on making whirlpool in her eyes , kissing the lips, dripping down on to her body turning , twisting  at every curve of her body,  on the way making her designer clothes stick close to body, and chillness of wet body longing for an alien touch , which instantly bought few shivers down the spine . And the sound of rain falling on parked cars, canopies, roofs creating a background music , lightening giving you the needed visibility . Can there be ever a better romantic situation for kissing , than this ??? I stopped my narration after hearing  heavy breathing from other side . Asked upon again, he now  agreed with me in total, that kissing in Rain can be romantic . Unlike my above friend , I think more brave people will agree instantly with me on this subject.

FYI : There's an website which tells you if its Raining in particular city or not . It needs to be supplied with the name of the city which you wanna know about . This site broadcasts that it tells even the weather conditions of the city .

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