Friday, July 22, 2011

Well Done Mr Harish Rao , Lets replicate 'Delhi Spirit' in Hyderabad too

Telangana Martyrs dead bodies too are insulted in 'Samaikya Andhra'

Well Done Harish Rao !!! Delhi's AP Bhavan SA employees deserve kicks. They have asked Delhi Police not to bring Yadi Reddy dead body to AP Bhavan, but shud be sent to cremation in Delhi itself. Who has the Cremation rights ?? Family members or AP Govt??  Yadi Reddy's blood relatives were in Delhi , how can 'fascist' Seemandhra Govt write letter to Delhi police to cremate the body . How dare they insult our Telangana Martyr's. Hereafter we wont slap you ppl , but BURN you to death. My Telangana Martyr's are not Orphans , 4.5 Crore Telanganites are with them and we worship their sacrifice, they are nothing short of Hero's for us. 

Infact , Delhi AP Bhavan belongs to Telangana people, Hyderabad King Nizam acquired it. Then It was called Hyderabad House. After merger of Andhra with Telangana state in 1956 ,cunning Andhraites tookover & renamed it as AP Bhavan.

In "Samayikya Andhra", we are not even allowed to pay Homage to our Martyr's dead bodies & you expect us to forego our self respect & stay with you. if so, wot for?? In Delhi's AP Bhavan out of 50 employees , only 2 are from Telangana and they are of peon grade class IV employees. So, officer Jobs are for Seemandhraites and Chaprasi Jobs are for Telanganites. The awakened Telangana will not bear your Insults anymore, now its pay back time

Let the Seemandhraite's understand that their insensitivity is costing the lives of people of Telangana . All Suicides of Telangana Students are murders of Seemandhra Plutocrats.

Shame on Seemaandhra government cruelty, people are not allowed to see the dead body of Yadi Reddy, who committed suicide in Delhi for Telangana . Entire Shamsabad Airport has been turned into police camp. Seemandhra police arrests all Journalists at Shamsabad Airport to stop them taking pictures of Yadi Reddy dead body. Emergency invoked in Telangana ?? DGP & HYD Police Comm are from Seemandhra, after torturing OU students daily, now they Insult Martyrs dead bodies . We Vow to hit back with Vengeance  .

Some People wont change , particularly SA 'Rakshasa Jati' . it dint allowed people to pay last rites to Martyr Yadi Reddy who committed suicide in Delhi for the cause of Telangana formation. It engaged 12 Ambulances took 4 different routes to reach Yadi Reddys home town. It was so cruel that , the minute dead body reached the village , Power was disconnected , whole village was in dark. In Samayikya Andhra even dead bodies have no rights to get last rituals. Only RAKSHAS can do something like this. Now the Telangana 'Deva Jati' has awakened to annihilate 'Rakshasas' and establish DHARMA.

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MV said...

Hello Mr Karsewak

Firstly, you should know what happend in Delhi. This is all part of the game. That KCR and family idiots should throwout from Telangana area.

They are earning crores of money by showing this Separate Telangana issue. We are all know how much money earned by showing this 'separate' topic.

Telangana people, please realize yourself.