Monday, July 11, 2011

Osmania Students on Hunger Strike for Telangana State .

Thosands of Telangana students planed to sit on Indefinite Mass Hunger Strike from July 11th at Arts Coll, OU Campus.  To stop students leaders marching towards OU , Police has arrested hundreds of Telangana activist in all the Telangana districts . Come what may, Mass Hunger Strike will go on at Arts Coll, OU campus. Seemandhra Plutocrats are now using Police to harass/torture the Telangana activists. For sure  Telangana Warriors will HIT back with vengeance.

 Today is "Toli (first) Ekadasi " . A pious day in Hindu Calender . Hindu’s across the globe will fast in devotion for Lord Vishnu . Hindus believe that one who fasts today attain MOKSHA . On "Toli Ekadasi' , Deva-Jati of Telangana students sat on Mass Hunger strike at Osmania University Campus . Seemandhra Rakshasa rulers are  using all rakshasa methods to curb it. As of now hundreds of students have successfully sat on Hunger strike. Now Who had the Last Laugh ??

Arrests cud not stop Telangana students from storming Osmania University, for Hunger Stike. SA-Govt has deployed 25,000 Armed Police in HYD city & out of it 3000 just in OU. It bought Dog Squad ,Tear Gas Squad, Horse battalion, Water canons, Teargas vehicles, 3 layers of barbed wires,  144 section, PD Act, 3 layers of barricading, Roof watch towers, 'stand-to' orders , fibre lathis, Guns with Rubber bullets, Noise making grenades and what not ...the only thing now left is Army tanks & Fighter/Bomber Planes. Still hundreds  have reached OU Campus & sat on Hunger Strike

To stop Live TV telecast of the events , Police have vacated all OB Vans of News Channels from OU campus , their Live cables were cut . Seemandhra Police is hell bent on curbing peaceful protest .  Middle of the night yesterday , police landed in neighbouring colonies of OU and ransacked the houses . Local women resented with chilli powder and broom sticks , and police had to flee seeing the telangana women fury.

In  HYD we the natives are not allowed to protest on Gandhian line . Seemandra looters like YS Jagan - CBN can do fake Deekshas for 7 days with out any permission , but Sons of soils are hounded out by Lathis , Tear gas & Rubber bullets . Shameless SA Police cud not arrest Bhanu ( Suri Killer) till now , but show their barbarity on innocent students .

Usually Police force is one last option used by the respective governments to curb the public unrest . There are strict guidelines world wide on usage of police force in curtailing any protest . But Seema –Andhra Police Department seems to elude any such guidelines against the protesting Telangana Students . Its in Impression that brutal use of force will deter the confidence of Telangana Students . If this cud be true Seprate Telangana Statehood agitation wud not have hold these many years .

During 1969 Telangana agitation , Seema-Andhra Chief Minister Sri Brahmananda Reddy used Police to control the movement . Then Police showed their loyalty by firing indiscriminately upon the Telangana Students . 390 Students were then killed in Police firing .  The killers “ Statue “ was erected all over Telangana region , but the Martyrs cudnt even find suitable place in government records .

The same saga is repeated today again in Osmania University and other areas of Telangana . In recent past many Rubber bullets/Pellets, Tear Gas Shells and Noice making Grenades were fired on Osmania University  students , Still the Heroes hold the bastion . Due to Holidays most of the Osmania University students went to their Native places , hardly 100+ students now live in OU Hostels. This small contingent of students day after day are braving the lathi charges and those Hundreds of Bullets/Pellets/Tear Gas Shells and Sound making Grenades . 3000 strong contingent of Para Military / Police with modern Gears & equipment cud not take over the FORT of Osmania University.  Sons of the Soil still rule the roost in OU and all over Telangana. 

Jai Ho Telangana Vidyarthi , Jai Ho !!! Letz fight to liberate our Mother Land from the clutches of Seemandhra Plutocrats.

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